Commercials you don't hate

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This one makes me laugh every time at the end with the green beans.

I actually think the Geico ones where Mom calls at the
wrong time are kind of funny.

I like the almost-unnoticed line at the end, as they are again fleeing the crazy guy: “Head for the cemetery!”

New Uber Eats commercial with Mark Hamill and SIR Patrick Stewart.

This is not a real Burger King commercial.

Not a commercial, per se, but an advertisement, so I think it fits the spirit of the thread. I saw it while driving to work.

We have a pickup truck. Let’s just move ourse—

NO! Hire Jon’s Movers!

And the graphic, covering the entire door of a moving van, is the famous image of Batman slapping the stupid out of Robin.

Progressive Insurance has had a series of commercials that feature a pair of NFL chaingang (ok, yardmarker) guys: The hold the orange …stanchions(?) uprights(?) that make up the first down markers and has them as housemates. The series is called Sticking Together. They’ve been ok, they share a bathroom, have to get stuff from the scary dark basement, parallel parking, heh. But I saw one tonight that was new to me where one uses the marker as a carpet beater. It’s clever since they’re about the right shape.

Following along in this, here’s a local billboard in SoFL that always gets a chuckle from me.

In fact it works so well that Air Around The Clock, the originator, has ben suing other HVAC outfits for stealing their trademark. And winning.

Geico’s wordplay ads are pretty amusing. “We have a clogging problem, we have a Ratt problem, we have aunts.” The new one is pretty good. “There’s an issue with our neighbors fencing.”

I keep trying to anticipate the next play on words like Geico has done. I wouldn’t have thought of fencing! Pretty good.

We have a problem with leeks? I’m not sure a bunch of vegetables lend themselves to humor, though.

Besides, too much of their audience won’t know what a “leek” is.

For absolutely no reason I can figure out, Little Caeser’s:

“Puchya shirt back on.”

commercial slays me. The first time I saw it, I laughed my ass off and it continues to make me chuckle. Weird how a thing unexpectedly strikes your funny bone.

This commercial for the Amazon Alexa amuses me. This guy is watching a medieval drama while ironing, missed that a character just died and, breaking the fourth wall, asks the actors to re-do the death scene.