Commercials you don't hate

I can ignore most commercials.
There are a few I detest so much that they can’t be ignored.

But this one is kind of cute

and, of course, any commercials that include these

We DVR things so we can bypass commercials, but I will slow down on most GEICO ones to see what new cleverness they have. Budweiser’s are normally tasteful. But the really good commercials are the ones where you have no idea who the sponsor is! :slight_smile:

Anything by Jack-In-The-Box gets watched, at least a couple of times. Most of the rest get fast-forwarded through.

The android ad with the animal best friends.

I did like Geico’s commercial with the squirrels:

The KFC commercials, although I’m not liking Gaffigan as well as I did Darrell Hammond.

There are some commercials that have basketball stars playing a family (Damian Lillard is the baby) that are amusing. I couldn’t tell you what it is that’s being sold.

A few years ago there was a particularly “meta” ad that struck me as clever - I think it was for tequila. Basically all it was was a man in a suit, seated at a table, who said: “I’m a man in a suit, seated at a table. This is a tequila commercial. You should go outside right now and buy some tequila”.

It’s a series of State Farm ads, with the basketball players as a TV-sitcom family called The Hoopers. The friendly neighbor is a State Farm agent (wearing a red shirt and, probably, khakis just like Jake).

Unlike you, I knew what the advertiser was right away - but I had no idea who the basketball players were until they ran an “opening credits” version that listed them all (including “State Farm Agent as The Neighbor”).

This Miller Lite commercial with Troy Aikman.

And this for Samsung - Lil Wayne’s delivery cracks me up.

s a parent of two girls, I really like this Under Armour ad. I had no idea who made it until the end.

Right. I usually don’t pay much attention to ads, but I should have remembered that.

For such a gross subject matter, kitty litter ads are usually pretty good.

I like just about any commercial with dachshunds.

From the Super Bowl this year.



2013 Super Bowl commercial for Doritos

Pedigree dog food

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I did like Geico’s commercial with the squirrels:


Yeah, that’s some fine squirrel-wranglin’ there.

The other GEICO ad I’m currently liking is the Tarzan one. Jane’s delivery of the line “Tarzan does not know where Tarzan go” cracks me up every time.

I saw this Geico commercial today for the first time and cracked up.

The first one (the printer) and the last one (the soda machine) were the best, I thought.

I hate or ignore most commercials, but I kind of like the menacing little girl who leaves her stuffed horse’s head in her dad’s bed, and the boy who uses a laser toy and a cat on his dad, all to get more tangerines.

I love the Geico Peter Pan reunion commercial. That one cracks me up and makes me sad they don’t show it, anymore.

One of those YMMV things, I guess. I LOATHE that commercial. Seeing it makes me want to smack that little brat right into orbit.

I kind of like that one too, but solely for the expression on the chimp’s little face. That look of genuine puzzlement/“I don’t want to get involved in this” is so human it’s absolutely priceless.

There’s another ad I kind of like, and for a slightly similar reason. It’s for some sort of ebay ripoff website. The ad itself is pretty forgettable, but for how the actress acts in it. She just seems so offended about the product. As if she’s being personally insulted everytime the guy says how much she could save on these high end electronics. It’s just delicious.

The Siri ad with Cookie Monster is one of my current favorites. At least until they run it into the ground and it loses all its charm.