Commercials you don't hate

This one is probably going to end up in the annoying commercial thread but I saw it and loved it. It’s for a hormone-less birth control for women in which we are invited to some woman’s vagina. So ridiculous, over-the-top and full of double entendres. Like when her vagina doorbell rings and she answers it with, “Coming! wink

I love the “this is a cold call” Tide commercials, with Ice T and Stone Cold Steve Austin. This latest installment made me literally laugh out loud.


There’s one with Vanilla Ice, too.

Daryl Mitchell’s agent must be waiting for the phone to ring.

Phexxi contraceptive gel.


Next up: we’re invited to someone’s butt for constipation relief, with music by Screamin’ Jay Hawkins.

I was thinking along those same lines when I saw the commercial.
“Oh good, maybe next we can see the inside of someone’s ass cave. They can be like Indiana Jones with a giant boulder of shit rolling toward them”. Sorry, I know this is the commercials you don’t hate thread. Just cracked (no pun intended) me up that I was thinking the same thing.

I like this Geico commercial. The gecko is walking along a beach where he spots a sign saying, “Clothing optional.”

“How convenient.”

Oh my gosh, did I ever laugh at this post. Thanks for a much needed laugh, WOOKINPANUBv.2!

This one’s hilarious. Guys cat acts more like a dog.

This is a reply to a really old post, but I had to say that when my sister and I are watching something on the dvr, if we’re zipping through the commercials, we’ll both yell “Dachshund!” if we see one, and we rewind to watch the ad.

I don’t know whether to put this here or in the annoying commercials thread, but I like the humor in the General auto insurance commercials starring Shaq.

Shaq sings. Badly.

Everybody except Carl! Cracks me up every time!

I saw this one tonight during Monday Night Football. I laughed out loud for real.

Lifetime TV has a new ad campaign:

This may reflect a lot on what I consider entertainment but that last Lifetime movie promo reminded me of John Mulaney.