Commercials you don't hate

This one is over in the horrible commercial thread, too.

I like the Ikea commercial with the droids.

I also dig the new T-Mobile commercial with Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski.

Most JG Wentworth ads make me want to punch the TV, but the one with people singing opera-style on the bus is oddly entertaining.

Also, my wife and I change the phone number to 877 CASH COW when we sing along.

This is the ad I came in to mention. Elton John, banging on a toy rocket, asking Lil Nas X for change to get it working. Nas scoffing “you don’t look broke.”

It’s so delightfully weird - was that an actual script they were performing, or just some weird artistic banter? The mind boggles!


OMG! Animal is my favorite muppet! This is great!

I enjoy the Liberty DJ commercial, so naturally they’re now cutting off more and more of it each time it is shown.

I like this animated Progressive commercial.