Commercials you don't hate

I don’t think I’ve seen that one. I only get either Joe Namath or Jimmy Walker promising more money in my Social Security check.

Yeah, since we’ve started watching old detective shows (like Monk and Columbo), we’re missing out on all the good ads. Namath and Selleck and J.J.(shudder) come on and we say “Well, guess what demographic we’re in if we’re watching these shows…”

That’s one reason I’ve been enjoying watching every episode of Columbo on Tubi TV (per my other thread). Tubi’s Columbo ads aren’t old age-specific at all. They apparently haven’t gotten the algorithm right yet.

Or, maybe Tubi’s Columbo viewers consist mostly of young hipsters who are watching it ironically, and they have nailed the demographic :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Sorry, heights and seeing people up high don’t bother me. I linked to that post because it linked to the Smithsonian Magazine.


I kind of like this commercial for Gain Flings, with the call-back to the movie Flashdance.

Here is the Marshall’s ad mentioned earlier - It’s so fancyyy!

Geico commercial. “Why are these birds so angry?”

Walgreen’s cursing commercials, which I’m sure will show up in the anti thread soon. Although I dig that one girl’s wrapping frustrations, I especially relate to the guy who blows out his knee/leg. “Fu. . . .”.