Commercials you don't hate

They have re-shot it a few times as he’s aged, and some stations will not air the “not afraid of burning in hell” line at the end.

The FreshPet “You have dog food in your refrigerator?” commercials appeal to me with the “You have a problem with that? GTFO!” response.

And I’m a cat person. (You have a problem with a covered half-full can of cat food in the fridge? GTFO!)

Safari ad

The commercial makes the viewer wait before revealing the product.

I think it drives home how invasive Internet eavesdropping has become. I certainly didn’t understand the loss of privacy in 1995. Most people didn’t and the Internet is a ubiquitous element of our lives.

How many of you caught the brief homage to Hitchcock? :thinking:

It’s only a few seconds.

Is it The Birds?

The Birds Aren’t Real movement was probably also an inspiration.

The music is reminiscent of Bernard Hermann, so maybe intentional?

There’s a shot where the camera flies toward someone and crashes into the window. I seem to remember a similar shot in The Birds.

You win the rusty nail prize. ;).

They copied the scene with the girl running and getting pecked. The movie had several children running. I rhink Angela Cartwright was the one getting attacked while she ran.

Also the birds crashing into the window.

I think you’re right about the girl. Wasn’t Angela in Lost In Space and The Sound Of Music?

I think Suzanne Pleshette was the teacher.

It’s actually her sister, Veronica Cartwright, in The Birds (and Alien and the episode I Sing the Body Electric on the Twilight Zone, among many other roles).

Thanks for the info. I looked up Veronica’s picture from when she was older. I remember her from The Witches Of Eastwick.

Excellent as Betty Grissom in The Right Stuff.