Contest: what does 770 stand for?

Prior to this post, my post count was 770.

I am aware of two ways in which “770” is symbolic. Both ways are religious (but of different religions). One is relatively easier to guess. The second is a bit obscure.

The award for guessing any one of them is, um, my eternal awe.

WRS - 770!

(If the winner is/winners are religious-minded, I can pray for him/her/them for two weeks (7 days, 7 days, and 0 days).)

For moderator: please delete this thread if it’s not in good form.

Dunno about 770, but your current post count is 771, the number on the back of J. R. “Bob” Dobbs’ head.

I have arrived in the thread. :smiley:

If you worship at the altar of UNIX, then you’ll recall that the octal code 770 can be used as an argument of chmod to assign a file read, write, and execute permissions for owner and group only – others have no access to the file.


HHA - Houston Humanist Alliance
Would it involve ‘Lubavitchers’?


770 is the area code for the Atlanta suburbs.


i am posting from an ibm model 770 thinkpad laptop

The Smithsonian is on the other line for you.

Bingo! You got it. 770 East Parkway, Brooklyn, NY was/is the headquarters of Lubavitcher Chassidism. It was, if I remmeber correctlyl, where the Rebbe lived.

Prayers for astro and ParentalAdvisory!

Now the second meaning? Quite obscure, I’ll admit. So, if no one gets it in five days, I’ll reveal it.

Hint: Morning Star.


It doesn’t have anything to do with the Urantia cult, does it?

Not the Urantia cult.

Although some people, particularly ex-members, would consider the answer to be a cult.



does this have anything to do with that miniseries… oh i’m going to bed

Utterance 519:

:slight_smile: Sorry.

Hint: unrelated to any of the major mainstream religious movements. Some might even call it occult.



I don’t get it. Please elucidate.


I think Black455 and Trouble Again are onto something, but I don’t know what. (I don’t speak geek or leet or whatever you kwazy kids are doing :slight_smile: )

never mind. I just saw biqu’s post #3. I was still thinking of religions, not programming.