Convince me why I should go out with nerd girl.

So there is this nerd girl up at my work that kind has her eye on me. I can tell because she always makes it a point to come over and talk to me. And when she does her face gets all red and she speaks at me with a nervous laughter.

This girl seems nice enough and I’m feeling a bit charitable. So I figure “why the hell not? throw the girl a bone and ask her out.” (Now why this girl like me, I’m not sure really; it must be my devilishly good looks. {shrugs shoulders} I don’t know.)

Anyway, what I’m wanting to know is; are nerdy girls any fun at ALL to hang out with? And if so what would be a generic fun date for this type of girl?

I ask because most of the women I’ve ever dated are drunken, bi-sexual, barflies. All they ever want to do is get f’d up all the time. So I know how to show THOSE girls a good time. I’m just not so sure about this girl.

So any input would be appreciated.

DISCLAIMER: Yes, I know every girl has different likes and dislikes. but still I just need something to go on.

Personally I think you should “throw her a bone” and not ask her out. That way she can spend her time possibly forming a relationship with someone who sounds like they may enjoy it.

Otherwise, getting ice cream is always nice.

I’m sure just getting to be around you will be the thrill of her life.

First - pity dates are no fun. If you’re just doing it because you feel charitable, then don’t bother - you won’t have any fun and neither will she. Plus, you have to work with this person. The follow up after a pity date, especially with someone you work with can be…tough, especially on her.

If you still think that you might like to go out with her, have a conversation with her, about what she likes to do on weekends, what type of movies she likes, or what type of physical activity she likes - but have this conversation before you ask her out, so that you can think about her answers for a couple of days and decide what you might like to do as well. Or just ask her what she might like to do - she may have some ideas that appeal to you as well.

And yes, ‘nerdy’ girls can be fun to hang out with. At least we ‘nerdy’ girls think so. Maybe we’re not your typical girl who hangs out at bars, but generally we know what we enjoy doing - and we admit it.

You are in the running for the most mean-spirited thread originator this year. :wally


Better she’s free to find someone who has some respect for her.
I’ll give her a call next time I’m in Dallas- I know well enough to dig the nerdy girls.

If you really want to know if hanging out with nerdy people is any fun, join one of their peculiar hobby clubs. Did you know those nerd have interestgroups for weird stuff like reading, nature, astronomy, charity and such stuff?

On second though, don’t. Obviously, you’re way too cool. Don’t damage your street cred for this girl, dude. :rolleyes:

Nerdy, dorky girls are the best. I find intelligence in a woman outshines any other characteristic. The ability to hold a conversation about just about any good topic- a definate IMO, of course, rather than chattering aimlessly about what fany name brand purse one will buy next week, or talking about sports continuously, is a good trait. I love the teacher look, with braided hair and glasses and the shy exterior, yet wild child hiding within is the perfect combination.

Now, combine a nerdy woman with an athletic one (that likes to play sports, not watch them and talk all day about the ones she watched.) and you have a dream woman.

Now, from your post, I would say that you don’t deserve such a woman, after all, you make it sound like a bad thing, being a nerd.

I still haven’t figured out if you’re considering it from the pity angle, or you’re at least mildly attracted. If it is out of pity, them let me add my voice to the “Don’t do it” chorus. Few things are more cruel than getting her hopes up, then dumping her.

Otherwise, for the sake of argument, let’s say you are somewhat attracted, and you think there’s a chance for something there that is different from the barflies you’ve been out with before. Take her to lunch, or the local Starbucks, or something else public and low pressure. Talk. You’ll soon find out if there is chemistry or not. Make sure you say up front that it’s lunch/snack/whatever. If nothing happens, then you’re out the cost of the date. Otherwise, sparks fly, and you’ll be nailing a femgeek in no time.

No, we’re no fun at all. In fact, we don’t even have fun doing the stuff we think is fun. I mean, how could we possibly have fun when we’re not doing the stuff you think is cool? :rolleyes: Do the girl a favor and don’t ask her out.

“throw her a bone”??

You sweet, sensitive guy, you…

How did a 14 year old get ahold of a credit card to join this board?

I’m going to add my voice to the chorus of “do her a favour and don’t ask her out”. I’m a somewhat geekish girl, and quite frankly, I’d rather you told me where to go, rather than a “pity date”. Its not big, and its not clever, and besides, we know all the best ways to get revenge.

Come to the dark side, Shakes…<evil grin>

You might be surprised at how much fun us nerdy girls can be… :smiley:

What do you do for fun…hanging out with drunken bi barflies to me doesnt sound like much fun, though it probably gets you laid…

Nerdgrrl athletes can be fun if you like sports … though they might have odd sports they like - I used to biethelon and ride dressage.

Nerdgrrl sportifs are great if you like the outdoors … camping and fishing are a blast, and a great way to get some great private time for snuggling under the stars in front of a fire, very romantic.

Nerdgrrl intellegentsia can be fun if they are also prankish … you would be amazed at some of the funny things you can find in museums, and art movies, or antique/collection stores … I happen to have a sperry Univac 1616 / Snap2 ballistic computer in my storage area, want to play a prank on a computer museum? I always wanted to crate it up, provide slightly obscured bill of lading and deliver it to the one in Boston to let them figure out just who the heck donated it to them…oh, was that in my outside voice? grin.

Not that any or all of these encounters would dependably gt you laid, but you might find out that you can have fun with a nerdgrrl…heck, she might love amusement parks and that is a blast itself=)

Otherwise, give ‘mercy dating’ a pass unless you are really interested in dating her for real [or at lest giving it an honest try]

You should date her because you are God’s Gift To Women, and are therefore duty-bound to spread yo’ bad stuff around. :smack:

Give her my phone #. I’ll treat her right, or at least better.

Keep your arrogant bone to yourself.

Are you sure your car has room for you and your ego…and a date? It would help if you left the portraits of yourself, and the wall mirrors, at home.

Oh, in the car, make you should play a tape (or CD) of “You’re So Vain” :wink:
I can’t tell if you’re suffering from chronic vanity or chronic insanity! Maybe instead of throwing her a bone, you can just throw yourself off a bridge and become a real asset to all womankind! :wink:

You give love a bad name, please invite us to your neutering!

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Dude, did you check the sign on the door *at all * before you came in? Who do you think you’re hanging out with here? We’re the people who wear the “Talk nerdy to me” T-shirts.

You definitely picked the wrong venue to make fun of nerdy girls.

On the off chance that you’re actually interested in her, and picked a really lame way to act like a stud while asking for advice, come back in and apologize for talking like an asshat and you’ll get some help. Otherwise – grow up!

She must be attracted to your modesty. :rolleyes: