Could a Doper who asks too many inane questions get elected POTUS?

I couldn’t resist. Not particularly bothered by it, but all these POTUS threads are a bit much. No offense meant. The thread title just popped into my head.

Talk amongst yourselves.

That is all.

Funny. I was thinking of starting one equally absurd, but nothing can top this one.

Well, we have to ask ourselves if the key problem is being a doper, asking inane questions, or annoying people in general. And that’s a question I don’t know.

What if, after being elected, the Doper keeps Air Force One on a treadmill?

Only a closeted gay, circumsized, African-Amercan Mormon Doper.

Phew. I’m out.

Of the running. Not the closet. Geez.

alaricthegoth is running for POTUS?

Don’t believe what they said on Star Trek. Resistance is not futile.

I shall not seek, and I will not accept, the nomination for President of the US.

I hope that puts the speculation to rest.

Thank you for posting this.

Those threads could spark some interesting sidebar discussions, but it is more than odd to open the Forum page to be greeted by
Could a Jew get elected POTUS?
Could an African-American get elected POTUS?
Could a Mormon get elected POTUS?
Could a homosexual get elected POTUS?
Could Ross Perot win in 2008?

plus whatever new thread has been started since I began this reply.

If you were REALLY cool you’d seek it and not accept the nomination.

“Sorry, I’m too cool for that job.”


Hmmm. How about I start:

“Could an SDMB Member Become POTUS” … because we’re, like, a subjugated minority and all. :cool:
“Could an SDMB Moderator Become POTUS” … because you jackbooted thugs would like that, wouldn’t you? :wink:
“Could Cecil Adams Become POTUS” … nah, don’t see it. He wouldn’t like the cut in stature. :smiley:

Well … it depends on the capacitor, doesn’t it?

So, when did POTUS become the LTA*?

*latest trendy abbrev.

Ohm y, you’re right!

'bout 5 years ago, with the premier of West Wing. Least that’s when I first heard it – in those commercials leading up to the first episode, in fact they kind of made a big deal about “who is POTUS?”.

Well, on the positive side, we could have an “Ask the President…” thread in MPSIMS.

Of course, we all know that the question that is really on Dopers minds is - Could Batman get elected POTUS?

Tom Clancy readers have bandied about the term for decades.

you’re just trying to set someone up to say “only if he’s prepared,” aren’t you?!?
Thank you