Could you boink someone you don't particularly like?

Title say it all. Poll’s a coming…

Whadya mean, ‘could’?

Alright, fine. Would you have sex with somebody you don’t like?

A stiff dick knows no conscience.

How about, have you had sex with somebody you didn’t like?

Need answer fast?

I think he was shooting for “did”, actually.

I did, for far too long. I had a friends-with-benefits relationship with a woman who was only my friend because of the benefits, if you get my drift. Truth be told, I think she felt the same way about me.

Sure. Not really something I’m interested in doing right now, but I go back and forth so it could happen again.

“Don’t particularly like” is a mild feeling, so it can make a good, drama-free sex buddy. If you hate the person, that’s where you run into trouble.

Grudge fuck?

I’ve seen me do it.

Band name.

How hot is he and how good in bed is he? It depends on those two things. Also, how much do I not like him? If I’m repulsed by him or hate him, then no.

No way. Heck, I can’t imagine boinking most of the people I do like.

pillow cases have more than one use.

Been there, done him.

I’ve done it, too.

Nice, guilt-free sex. I’d do it again, too, as often as I could! I’m a product of my environment…

“Could you boink someone you don’t particularly like?”

Been there, done that.

Being seduced is included, right? Didn’t care much for her before that. But she was great during the time we were on.