Craft Beer

Any favorites or recommendations of craft beers?

Currently I’m drinking a lot of PC PILS by Founders, but only because it’s refreshing and cheap.

My favorites are Stone IPA and Three Floyds Zombie Dust.

I find the best beers are local beer. The Wife and I just found a place in St. Petersburg (on our way home from the Tampa airport) where they make and serve very small batch beers. Their hefeweizen was incredible and The Wife really enjoyed their Irish Red.

The Pesky Pelican.

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If you like IPAs…my faves have limited distribution but they might be available in your area:

Mammoth IPA 395
La Cumbre Elvated IPA
Black Raven Trickster IPA
Ballast Point Big Eye IPA

Just had a Belching Beaver Chocolate Milk Stout the other day-tasty.

I am a fan of most of what Clown Shoes (Ipswich MA micro brewery, but with significant national distribution) puts out, and their new Imperial Breakfast Stout is quite good. Basically their Undead Party Crasher (an IRS) aged in 100% bourbon barrels, and with a local espresso added to it. Quite smooth, very rich, with coffee and other IRS tastes, hides the 11% alcohol very well.

Saint Arnold’s (Houston microbrewery) latest Divine Reserve, #18 is another imperial stout and probably their best one yet. Richer tasting than the Clown Shoes offering. Perfect after dinner by the fire beer. Can be enjoyed now, will probably age.

It’s never been a better time to be a beer fan. DrFidelius’s advice to drink local is a good one, though I think Sturgeon’s Law crops up pretty often. Maybe I’m just jaded?

Great Lakes is the most consistently good craft brewer that I’ve tasted multiple beers from.

As long as you avoid brewers who don’t know the line between interesting and weird you can’t go wrong with local beer.

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Three Floyds is pretty good. Gumballhead, Space Station Middle Finger, and as mentioned, Zombie Dust.

Does Sierra Nevada count as craft beer? Because that’s my go to beer these days.

Within the last 5 years I’ve had two craft brew pubs open up near my house. Horse Thief Hollow and Open Outcry. Good stuff.

Drink local. It’s not like there’s a shortage of microbrewers out there. Grab a growler from your neighborhood brewpub and relax.

I fill my growlers a couple of blocks away at the Chill N Fill. It’s got an everchanging tap list of beers, ciders, wine and an occasional sake, and I have to be disappointed.
Edited to add: I just noticed they added CBD Apricot seltzer water to the mix.

Another vote for local beers. A google maps search from where I am finds 35 breweries within 40 miles (not counting wineries, distilleries, and the local Bud bottler).

My favorite is Real Ale’s Devil’s Backbone. It’s a Belgian tripel, but I like it a lot better than authentic imported tripels.

I’m a fan of Two Brothers. They do a couple styles, notably imperial stout and farmhouse ale, that aren’t AS common for mid-priced craft brews.

I love craft beers, too! As has been mentioned, support your local brewpubs/breweries. There’s lots of awesome beer out there. As for recommendations, have you tried Firestone Walker’s Union Jack? It’s just about perfect. Usually I go for the more hoppy beers in favor of beers with big malt character, but this one has both in wonderful balance.
I could go on and on with other faves, but if you haven’t tried this one you should.

There’s a restaurant/brewery here that sells no beer except what it makes itself. Some are on the menu all the time, others cycle through at intervals.

I have liked them all, but my favorite is a dark rich brew called Smokey the Beer.

I work, literally right next door to here; The Central West End Location.

I run a Pizzeria…They do not have food.

I rarely pay for anything but then again, they eat well.

I’ve had well over 500 different craft beers there in the past few years…several more than a few times.

mmmmmm GOOD Beer!!

If you like Pina Coladas ������ then try Evil Twins Colada IPA…but watch out, it can sneak up on you REAL quick.

I try to drink locally-made beers when possible, as I would rather spend my dollars to support my neighbors then someone in a far off land.

But I make exceptions, of course. I love German Hefeweizens. And Sixpoint makes some really interesting beers. I also love me some Guinness.

We’re not super close to the Great Lakes, but close enough to get a lot of good beers. We are headed to Cincinnati for a few days and looking forward to the beer selection there.

Would be so cool to go to Dublin and visit and have some Guiness straight from the source! Hefe’s are great. I think our first stop coming up in Cinci will be at a German pub

I prefer hoppy beers as well. I can only drink Porters and Stouts in the winter or during cooler weather. Too heavy for summertime, when, I stock to sessions and IPAs

When I was out West, I liked a lot of the breweries along the Central Coast, the Bay Area, and Mendocino. Firestone Walker, Anderson Valley, Lagunitas, North Coast all made good beers. I liked some of the Oregon breweries too like Ninkasi, Rogue, and Deschutes. Got to tour the Deschutes brewery in Bend, and it did not disappoint.