CSI: 4/7/11: "Unleashed" (spoilers)

Was I just in a grumpy mood, or was this a particularly bad episode of CSI? I typically love this show, but last night’s episode just didn’t do it for me. In particular:

  • When Nick complimented Doc Robbins on the emergency C-section of the baby, the whole scene rang false.
  • In the first scene with Lady Heather / Dr. Kessler, the tension between Sara and her seemed manufactured, poorly written, and poorly acted.
  • Similarly, the Dr. Kessler / Dr. Ray scene left me cold.

So did anyone else have the same reaction to this episode, or do I need to go back on my meds. :smiley:


I did notice the weirdness in the first thing in your spoiler box. It was actually kind of hilarious.

Greg said something like, “Wow, that’s so cool, doctor. You brought a new life into this world.” I half-expected him to quit his job and enroll in medical or nursing school. Perhaps that’s where they’re going with this. Maybe he’ll shift gears from working with death to become a doctor or a neonatal nurse.

I’m definitely with you on point #1. I don’t agree with you on point #2; tension between Grissom’s wife and the woman who kind of got inside his head seems reasonable to me, and I wasn’t put off by the writing or acting. And I’m pretty much with you on point #3; this genetic foolishness that the writers have put in Langston’s back story totally annoys me. Why can’t he just be struggling with a dark side? They may as well have saddled him with evil midichlorians.

The whole cyberbullying plot was overwraught and overdone and the cat-girl murder was just plain stupid. Horrible episode.

Yeah, I usually like the “weirdo” episodes (like the furry one and the adult baby one) but this one was just stupid. And that’s saying something, since I love Lady Heather and look forward to her episodes.

As far as the spoiler box, I had a very similar reaction! I thought the scene rang very false, and when Nick finished talking I turned to the spouse and said in a treacly Nick-voice,

“I want to quit CSI and become a doctor!”

Oh, and while we’re at it, I forgot about the other stupid thing I noticed while watching:

Nick and Doc Robbins are driving down the road in a suburban neighborhood and some guy runs out, flags them down, and tells them that he’s seen a dead body through the window of a house. This is all well and good, except…

Nick and Doc are driving a black unmarked SUV.

So this guy just runs out to flag down the first vehicle he sees, which happens to be occupied by a CSI and a doctor? Rather than just using his cell phone to call 911 (if he’s a workman, out exercising, etc.) or going back to his own house to do the same (if he’s a resident of the area)?

Yeah, right. Never mind why the guy is looking in people’s windows with enough care to spot a girl hanging in a closet. Yeah, that’s not suspicious at all! :rolleyes: