CSI Miami 10/13: Huh? (Spoilers included)

After watching CSI Miami last night, I’m confused about something. I don’t think I nodded off and missed some vital bit of dialogue, but my only other assumption is that they just left it out. So…

Why did the tennis pro kill Consuela? I followed the part about him and the other girl supposedly being in “love,” but nowhere in the episode did they offer any reason why he killed Consuela. Was it supposed to be implied that he was planning to kill the other girl too? While I could certainly buy that he was taking advantage of her youth, I didn’t get the feeling that after they’d been sleeping together for four months, he was planning to kill her and dump her body for the crocs. I was waiting for some explanation like maybe Consuela was proving to be dangerous competition for the other girl, that maybe the girl’s own tennis-driven father killed C. for that reason–I would have settled for anything plausible.

So did I miss something, did they just leave it out, or was it necessary to make a leap of logic that eluded me?

There was no motive provided for killing Consuela. I would assume it was because she wanted to end the relationship?

I thought he was abusing her, not having a relationship with her!?
I am even more confused now…!

Consuela or the other girl (I wish I could remember her name!)? I guess it depends on the POV–the girl said she “loved” him, and didn’t seem terribly disturbed about the relationship, so I assumed he was taking advantage of her youth to get some free sex (which according to the episode, was slimy but not illegal since she was 16 and he was 23) but not abusing her in the sense of hurting her.

I guess could be inferred that the pro was having some kind of relationship with Consuela since he gave her gifts, but it would have been nice if somebody had mentioned this as at least a possibility.

I meant I thought he was abusing Consuela. And “just” having a relationship with the blond.
I am with you winterhawk11, it lacked explanation.
I am not a big fan of this show, I just wanted to see Jeff Corwin :wink:

That’s who that was!

And I agree with all of you—there was no motivation given for killing Consuela.

I believe Elizabeth Densmore played Tiffany, but as there is no photo in IMDB, I’m not positive.

As retarded as writing gets on TV detective shows these days, CSI Miami is THE show that keeps pushing the envelope.

It was a meandering, pointless, mish-mash of a script with one asinine, clunky plot contrivance after another. I actually closed my eyes in frustration it got so bad in spots.

A few highlights

1: Little girl in dryer. I’m sure she would have stayed there unitl Caine found her, regardless of the fact that her mother and father would have probably been screaming her name looking for her at the same time they were calling the police.

2: Identifying a car down to the year and model by an engine curve noise of a couples porno tape… which of couse they would have given to the police with their noisy humping on the tape.

3: Super handsome, studly young tennis pro with hot car can’t get enough regular action so he chases adolescents and kills them because … well…umm… he pissed off Caine by getting away with porking the blond, 16 year old so he’s gotta have done something we can nail him on.

4: Mr. Croc hunter wrestles crocs gators for hours on end but his hair is umussed and the top half of his dress shirt that he wears while croc wrestling is dry as a bone.

And it just goes on and on.

Granted MIAMI doesn’t always come up with a coherent plotline in which the pieces fit neatly and you slap your head yelling “Damn! OF COURSE!”

That square thing you’ve been looking at, with the glass window in front, is called “television.”

No, even worse: episodic television; species–“crime show.”

Nothing’s original after all these years of humans generating plots. For example, this episode under discussion was clearly inspired by TIMON OF ATHENS (though the croc-wrestling bit is a steal from Shaw’s HEARTBREAK HOUSE).

But MIAMI CSI has this much going for it:

–most of the actors are total babes.

–David Caruso gives great, William-Shatner-type line readings.

–they try for a tad more “feeling” than is obvious in the Las Vegas version.

–the sucking/squishing sounds are hot to the point of pornography.

–actors earn money to feed their families just by lying on a slab with goo all over their faces. (Anyone else notice the corpse that had “Lucy Ricardo” written on the bottom of her shoes?)