CSI Thursday, 10-9-03 (spoilers)

Okay, the show just began where I live, but I have a question that’s right on the border between GQ and Cafe Society. This can be the weekly discussion thread as well, I guess.

Cops responding to a B&E found a chair propped under the knob of a closet door, keeping it closed.

Without touching the door, they called in Grissom and crew, who spent an unspecified period of time painstakingly dusting the chair, and then the doorknob, for prints. Then and only then did they remove the chair and open the door to see what was inside.

Is this at all likely? People prop chairs against doors to keep things inside from getting out. For all the cops and scientists knew, there was a living person on the other side of the door, perhaps tied and gagged, perhaps incapacitated and in need of medical attention.

Wouldn’t they have opened the door immediately? The possibility that someone needed help would seem to outweigh the value of any evidence on the chair and door.

The show just began where you are? This is the third season. I’m not intending to sound snotty, did you only become interested in it recently or did it really not start in Georgia for some reason until now? I’m honestly curious.

This was a pretty depressing episode I thought. I agree with your question, and I’ll add two more: how did the cops show up just as the two punks were leaving their aborted robbery? And why was CSI called to the shooting of the little kid?

Sam Hell, I think you misread the OP.

Georgia is in the US Eastern time zone. Fiver posted the OP at 21:03 EDT (UTC -0400), which is about when tonight’s episode of CSI began.

Fiver you were reading my mind! I also thought that that chair under the door didn’t work. Never worked when I was trying on my sibling.
I’m sure it was all cleared up by the end, but I was busy & missed the end.
I am so glad there are recappers out there for me!

Sam Hell, last night’s episode had just begun when I posted the OP. Good grief.

Good ep, though depressing, yes. Great to see Stephen Root, as always. (At one point early on, when his character was being close-mouthed and we didn’t know why, my wife asked, “Is he going to be the bad guy? That’d be new for him…”)

And why didn’t the lab-geek-guy (I can never remember his name…) not just put the ol’ ladies finger on his own like they did a couple of seasons ago?

And WHAT is with the writers’ fascination with things falling out of the clear blue sky? This is at least the third or fourth episode with someone/thing doing that.

That is the method if the skin is water logged. This was dehydrated, so they had to add fluids enough to loosen it up and get the prints.

The ending was really depressing. Why didn’t she identify the guy when she had the chance? :frowning:

I think if she’d had the support from her father, she might have been strong enough. The father was too ashamed at being unable to defend his family to be of much use to the investigation. He kept shooing his daughter away from the police, and she had to do stuff on her own, like hiding in Sarah’s car and begging for a ride to the hospital. I thought at that point her father had raped her.

I’m not clear at the ending. Did the guy who raped her come back and kill her?

Yeah, that’s what I think. The guy who she was afraid to ID (who I assume they had to let go, since she couldn’t ID him) came back and killed her. Very sad ending.
They still have the other guy, though, right?

I liked the ending, because it suggests to me that we’re going to be seeing Stephen Root in another episode.

I think they may be taking a page from In The Bedroom, if’n you know what I mean.