Current Favorite Song

What is your current favorite song, not your all time favorite song, but the song you can’t get enough of right now?

For me:

It’s a tie between Prophecy and Save Me, both by Remy Zero.

Appalachian Spring, composed by Aaron Copland. I’m fortunate enough to have a 3-CD set, upon which the performances include Copland himself composing.

I listen to it over and over these days. I’m hoping to have it playing at my wedding!

Okay, would I be beaten if I listed a third current favorite song?

I don’t know if it should count really, because I’m not really listening to it over and over again:
It’s the Elton John song, as song by Euwen McGregor in Mulon Rouge (Okay, did I spell anything right in that sentence??).

Everytime I watch that movie (it’s uh…because of my fiance… :D) I think, wow, he sings it better than Elton (IMO)…

Time after Time, sung by Eva Cassidy.

Peter Stampfel’s “Griselda,” as performed by Stampfel with the Unholy Modal Rounders on the 1975 album Have Moicy!

Unfortunately, the only lyric link I can find is for the Yo La Tengo cover version.

St Germaine “So Flute”

“21st Century Schizoid Man” by King Crimson. I hadn’t heard it in nearly thirty years, but Moontaxi has been playing it lately.

“Crane Fist” by Rancid

Too bad it takes so long between plays amidst my 11hrs of ripped mp3s.

‘Cowgirl in the Sand’ - Neil Young

… i suppose that kind of goes without saying


I have one for every week of the year I think…

This weeks is

“Love Soon”, by John Mayer

“Something for Nothing” by Rush

“Like a Stone”, Audioslave.

“Woke Up This Morning” by Alabama 3.

AKA the theme song to The Sopranos.

My favorite song that is current is “Traveling Soldier” by the Dixie Chicks. I literally cry every time I hear it.

“Old Admirals” by Al Stewart

“A Minha Menina” by the Bees.

Oooooh, ahhhhh, by Coldplay. I don’t know the name of it, but it’s schweeet.

“I Switched You” by Frank Black and the Catholics.

“No Such Thing”, by John Mayer

hmm…Looks like John Mayer is in the lead :smiley: