Damages on F/X 7/24/07 (open spoilers)

Did anyone else watch this? I’m still not sure what to think. Rose Byrne is gorgeous, and Glenn Close is sleek and scary. It’s not a straight litigation drama, obviously-- it’s a murder mystery. Not quite what I expected. Lots of swearing, though. Gotta love F/X for pushing the envelope on that.

Some disappointments-- I figured immediately that the firing of Tate Donovan’s character was fake and then, pretty much all the surprises of the ep were ruined (the dog particularly). I guess I’m wondering where we’re going from here, since we already know in the first ep that Hewes is evil. Is Frobisher going to turn out to be innocent? Or are they both evil? And then, is it just a matter of who got to Ellen first? Hmmm.

I’ll DVR it and watch the next couple of eps. If I can somehow continue watching John from Cincinnati, I can give this one a shot, but I hope the punches aren’t all this telegraphed.

What did you guys think?

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I watched this last night and really enjoyed it. I love that some of the mysteries were revealed (now we know a little more about why Ellen was wandering down the street covered in blood) but some are still left open. I like that at the end of the show I was re-thinking some earlier scenes, especially the one where Hewes tracks down Ellen for an interview. You’d think it’s because Ellen is some bad ass lawyer, but no . . .

I’m hooked (for the next few weeks, at least).