Darn you, new mobile Firefox

What I like is a theme with the absolute minimum of wasted white space. Sam’s’s is the least bad in that respect. (But still half the page is wasted space.)

The problem with trying all the themes is that the “bottom of the page” thing happens only when there is a single new post in a thread you have already read–which means waiting around for the conditions to be met for each trial. So it isn’t a quick, casual test.

If you want hardcore customization mode, there are browser plugins that let you override CSS on a per-site basis, and you could mercilessly execute every bit of whitespace on the page.

Some people are into that, it is possible, and not terribly difficult if you are willing to invest a few hours in learning HTML and CSS … which are actually kind of great life skills to have based on the way things are going right now (massive digital acceleration via Covid) and over the last 20 years generally.

In the meantime, I pinged someone who can fix the problem with the theme that I will not speak the name of. Shouldn’t be much work, probably easy fix, but during working hours. I never ask teammates to work on weekends.

FWIW, it doesn’t appear to happen in mobile Chrome.

Thanks for that clarification. Now that we’ve got solid repro steps it’s probably a relatively easy fix next week.

Hi, I’m trying to figure this issue out on our (Discourse’s) end and I’m having trouble reproducing the issue in Sam’s Simple Theme.

Could you let me know which phone you’re using and which version of Firefox you’re on? (in the Firefox settings, there should be an “about firefox” option towards the bottom with the version details).

There’s a lot of variation in the Android ecosystem… so I just want to make sure I’m testing under the same conditions.

Motorola Moto G6. Firefox 81.1.5 (Build #2015769593). Everything was working fine until this push update. (I do not allow automatic updates, but Mozilla sent this one through anyway.)

I have twice (including just now) turned on a screen recorder and clicked around hoping to show what it looked like, and both times the bug failed to crop up (even though it has–more than once–today.)

Okay, started happening again so I turned on the recorder. Apparently it happens when you click on a thread you have been reading but there are no new posts. Not only does it open at the bottom, but also the URL is listed instead of the thread title.

Still an issue? Has Firefox updated on mobile since then?

It still happens, but it has always been more of a minor annoyance than a major hassle. I’m much more concerned by the fact that mobile Firefox is now so buggy that it crashes several times a day (at any site, not just this one.) That’s pretty impressive to get an Android app to crash that often.

Yeah the emerging browser monoculture is a bit concerning, so we certainly want to support Firefox – but they need to get the engineering right on their end.

The weird thing is that I’m still not having any of the problems you mention on Android Firefox. I wonder if our versions are different. I’m on 81.1.5. (I did disable automatic updates at one point.)

84.1.4 here.

Ah. So I won’t be updating any time soon.

BTW, have you checked out the Kiwi Browser, which runs on Chromium and runs desktop Chrome addons?

No, despite the problems I don’t want to move from Firefox.