Dating me is fun. You get a _____ and a _____.

Dating me is fun. You get a _____ and a _____.


A philosopher and a comedian.

An STD and a toaster.

(hearing Match Game music as I consider my answer)

A picker and a grinner.

A hug and a kiss.

A receipt and change.

A ride in the Orange Menace on an old logging road and good cel-service.:wink:

A movie and popcorn.

A brick and an El Camino

a joke and a kiss a day

2 eggs and bacon.

my hair and cat hair.

Short notice and a 2-fer.

Drugs and a search warrant.

Netflix & genital herpes.

A beautiful mess with a side of back talk!

Insults and athlete’s foot.

Dirty talk and satisfaction

A doctor and a disease.

Slo-Mo and Soul Searchin’

shave and a haircut

Rinse and repeat