DC/MD/VA Dopers: Labor Day Weekend cookout at RT's!

quietgirl doesn’t know it yet, but I’m going to try to get her to come with.

Wendell, I’m looking forward to another linguistics talk. :slight_smile:


RTFirefly and Mrs. F.
PLD and Peta
OpalCat and Undead Dude
Spritle, Mrs. Spritle and TLD[sup]TM[/sup]
Wendell Wagner


Lucretia and Bluesman
Sofa King
andygirl & (ssh!) quietgirl
Captain Amazing

I’ll send out directions tonight to those that hasn’t got 'em already. :slight_smile:


Put me down as a maybe. If I stay in town instead of visiting my parents, I’ll be there.

Gosh, news you can visit your parents anytime. There’s only 1 firefly fest (Firefest?). Besides, your parents are probably a lot more forgiving than we are. :slight_smile:

We’re in hot water with the family, what with not ever wanting to visit the insane bunch.

They have scheduled a family reunion for Labor Day weekend in Alabama (as not to inconvience those who have to go to school–despite the fact that most everybody between the ages of 5-25 start their respective educations this very week.) and there ain’t no way we can get out of this. They paid our way, and they want to punish us.


That’s a bummer, Sterling…but I know how that family stuff works. :frowning:

All I can say is, you’ve got to come join us next time.

Email me if you need directions - I don’t have your address.

I think I’ve sent directions to everyone else who’s posted here; if you haven’t gotten them, let me know.

Bugger. :frowning:

No go for me and quietgirl- I found a new job and I’ve got to work that afternoon.

But rejoice in the fact that she and I will be together that weekend. :slight_smile:

I’m probably going to whine and beg until Pat agrees to give me a ride, being carless and not up to walking the many miles from suburban Virginia to your house.

I got an interesting e-mail last night, consisting of directions to this Monday’s soiree, in case we feel like showing up.

Jeez, Kim, are you that pessimistic that Anniz and I would have nothing to do on Monday?!?!? :smiley:

Or is it optimistic?

Montfort, I would imagine some people are hoping that you and Anniz might be willing to get out of bed for a few hours to go meet your adoring public.

Hoping? Adoring public?

Hmm, I like the idea of that.

We’ll see.

Hey, Montfort, the last time I talked to you, this get-together was going to happen on Saturday or Sunday. I knew you weren’t coming if it was on Saturday, since that’s the day Anniz arrives - and you’d alrady said I could forget about Sunday too. I fully understood. :slight_smile:

But I thought there just might be a chance that you two would feel like getting out of bed by late Monday - you’ve gotta get out of bed sometime, after all - and I wasn’t sure you’d have checked the thread since I moved the Firefest back to Monday.

Anyhow, if you can come, we’d love to see you both. If not, we’ll crack ribald jokes about you in your absence. :wink:

OK, put me down as a definite attendee. Since Andygirl won’t be there, there has to be at least one gay Doper in attendance, per Federal regulations (the Helms-Lott Mandatory Homo Partygoer Act of 1998). I’m going to try to talk the BF into coming with; failing that, I’ll need to catch a ride from somebody in the Alexandria-Arlington area.

Do we still get to crack jokes if they do come?:slight_smile:

[sub]I’m working on the ride, Steve. Bear with me:)[/sub]

I am also available for rides from the NoVa area. I live in Reston, and can pick up folks from the Vienna Metro if pun can’t (or if you prefer not to ride with him ;)). Drop me an email if you need transportation.

Geo’s a-comin’? I seem to recall that I owe her a coupla birthday spankin’s. :smiley:

Hey. HEY! No way, mister, you weren’t at the birthday party, you missed your chance.

<sigh> Make this another one I’m gonna miss… For some inexplicable reason, my school has chosen not to give us Labor Day off. Not only that, but a quiz is actually scheduled! Sheesh. Have fun without me – again!

I might come, but (as usual) it depends on my work schedule. I’m pretty sure I work 9-5:30, but I have extra coverage so I might be able to slip out early, if I can talk my manager into it (he’s a cool guy, so there’s a chance.) I could probably get there by 4 at the latest (assuming it’s an hour from Baltimore), but Monday is my second day of school, so I can’t stay past 9 or 10.

RT, I will e-mail you or post here by Thursday to let you know.

[hijack]I know early in the summer I committed to a few Dopefests and didn’t show. Explanation: I got in TWO car accidents in as many months (neither my fault) and was terrified of driving in general, so road trips were out of the question. But I promise to show up if I can![/hijack]