Dead bear draped in Obama signs dumped on campus


Another fine example of Starving Artist’s pined-for genteel civility.

Dammit! I said Bartlett pear!

Has suicide been ruled out?

An armed bear?

Its what the Second Amendment is all about!

This is why the NRA needs to expand its membership to be more inclusive. Guns don’t kill bears, people. People kill bears. And also monkeys do [when they have a gun].

I am going to hell, but the one comment about “if only the bear had agreed to a series of town hall meetings with the woodchuck, this might never have happened” was too funny.

I am appalled at the stupidity of this killing. (75 pounds is a big “cub”, no?).
Fairly obscure message with the Obama signs–not getting the connection there.

I’m not dead, and I don’t approve of this message.

Don’t forget, John McCain spent 5 1/2 years being unable to kill a bear.

I know bears are godless killing machines, but I had no idea they supported Obama. It just gives you chills.

[What the flying fuck was the message here? How is the bear related to Obama exactly? It’s just a dead thing, but with the signs on, it’s… ugh. Stupid people shouldn’t attempt satire.]

Well, bears are the number one threat to America…


Maybe she couldn’t find a moose.


If it’s a Black Bear, it’s a little on the large side, but not outside typical juvenile range. Especially for a male.

If it’s a Grizzly, it’s not even that large as a juvenile.

It’s probably a Black Bear, as Grizzlies don’t tend to range that far east…[/hijack]

I also suspect it was likely a Black Bear because of the Obama connection…it’s rather disgusting, but it’s the only way I can really make sense of it all.

He’s not dead. He’s just pining for a Scandinavian-style social welfare system.

I was thinking it was some sort of pro-hunting NRA type message, conceived by someone who was both very stupid and very drunk.

Of course, it might just be some idiot trying to get in the papers and not really supposed to mean anything.

Loath as I am to engage that part of my brain, here goes, a bear was the closest thing to a monkey/gorilla/ape these yahoos could find.

Where did I put my brain bleach?

CMC +fnord!

Well, at least we know who was stealing all our yard signs.

The bear couldn’t live with the guilt, I guess.

Real America is nothing if not “special”!

It became overbearing.

Given the signs it was wearing, the bear obviously was a terrorist, and got what it deserved.