Obama hanged in effigy on campus of Univ. of Kentucky


Words fail.

At least no bear cubs were harmed.

I think the dems struck first here:


Unless I’m wrong, this is just a retaliation. So I hope words fail you for that as well.

I didn’t pay as much attention to the title of the thread as I should have before clicking the link and reading the headline. I was shocked that this kind of thing would happen in the United Kingdom!


There is nothing in that article to indicate that the brainiacs who did this were aware of the morons who hung the Palin effigy. Seems like independent acts of stupidity.

Oh wait, I correct that. *Fox News *says it was because federal authorities are not investigating the hanging of the Palin effigy as a hate crime that these Obama effigies were hung. :roll eyes:

Yes. Also vile.

ETA: I wasn’t aware of that before today.

Students egg Obama poster video 1:28
Texas A&M’s Young Conservatives of Texas encouraged students to throw eggs at a picture of Barack Obama. KBTX reports.

Even so, both sides are capable of this kind of stupidity, and though I am not a republican, I do get tired of seeing only one side of it on this message board.

There’s a whole thread about that one too. http://boards.straightdope.com/sdmb/showthread.php?t=489729

At the risk of being piled on, it’s more than stupidity. Hanging an effigy of Sarah Whitebread is indeed stupid, childish and regrettable. Hanging an effigy of Obama sends an entirely different message. The image of black men hanging from trees is indelibly etched in our national conscience. It brings images of the KKK and other hate groups immediately to the forefront. The only similarity in these two acts is that both are effigies. But while one evokes rolleyes, the other evokes much more.

The use of “UK” in that article was confusing, especially since I’ve just woken up from a nap.

As a two-time alumnus and faculty member of UK, I wish I could be surprised by such racist choadery.

I am, however, surprised that the choads in question didn’t stop to think about the effect this might have on our basketball recruiting. Thanks a lot, jackass.

I meant to get the jump on this in my Palin-W Hollywood thread.

At least the West Hollywood guys were decent enough to do it on their own property & take responsibility (btw, they’ve reportedly removed it after talking to the Mayor who asked them to).

But to do an Obama-effigy hanging anonymously on a college campus that I would think would have a higher than average black student body is cowardly, intimidating & just trying to incite violence. I hope they find the jerk(s), prosecute them & let them have a good long talk with the Secret Service.

Doing it a couple of days after that mass murder-assassination plot was broken up (loony and implausible though it was) was especially stupid. If these guys get caught it’ll be that much harder for anyone to laugh it off.

I want to add my agreement to Chefguy’s post.

One cannot simply walk away from the history of lynchings in this country. The use of effigies have a long history in political rallies - but their harmless intent has a lot more to do with how long it has been since a given category of people had actually been threatened with the reality of such violence. If one makes an effigy of, say, a lawyer, and hangs it - it’s not going to be perceived as a real threat - no one has singled out lawyers as a class for violence. By the same token - with lynchings of African-Americans being a part of living memory - it’s far, far too soon to be able to see such political signs without evoking the memory of those attacks. And it’s hard for me to believe that any one with a HS diploma wouldn’t consider such as a threat, if the effigy is intended to stand in for a black person.

Just curious. Why, and whence, the Secret Service? Law enforcement, yes, but the Secret Service?

FTR, both acts were wrong and serve no purpose. As I was telling a fellow Obama-supporter last night who thought the Palin effigy was okay, for any camp you choose, your arguments and disagreements should be about politics and how each camp represents itself and its party. Name-calling, stupid stunts and incitements to violence – especially those referencing historical hate in a particular way (agreeing with Chefguy) – should not be tolerated.

BTW, did anybody hear about the dragging death of a black man on 9/16 in Texas near where James Byrd died? It only made AP earlier this week and law enforcement are insisting that it is not racial.

Well, I suppose I’ll be the unpopular one and say: it’s free speech. People have the right to express their opinions, especially political opinions. That includes hanging politicians in effigy, just like it includes burning a flag.

The response to speech you don’t like is more speech, not criminalization.

The only criminal complaint I can see about this is littering, if the university has rules concerning the posting of bills on campus.

They’re already involved.

Jesus, I hadn’t heard about that. I can understand why they’re saying it isn’t racial (the man who was killed was apparently friends with the killers), and it sounds like it probably isn’t, but it deserves a look.

I work at UK and wanted to punch someone when I heard about it. Not only is it a completely asshole thing to do, but I’m sure the rest of the country just had a good deal of stereotypes reinforced for them. No one here but us racist illiterates!

There is a defining line where speech becomes illegal threats. I draw that line a long way towards defending speech. Hanging an effigy of an African American man should, I believe, be protected speech. Hanging an effigy of an individual is different. Were this to be an effigy of John Doe, an African American student at UK, I would not think it was necessarily free speech.

But, this is a public figure, and in particular a politician. That bears on whether this is a criminal threat or an expression of protected speech.

It’s the problem with free speech. It gets used loudest by the assholes…