Dear Ann Landers...

What do you do when the guy you’ve had a crush on for all the three weeks you’ve known him finally makes a move on you…but he’s absolutely sh*tfaced drunk at the time.

Has anyone been in this situation? (Boys or girls) What did you do? Or what would you do?

Don’t take advantage of him while he’s drunk. Wait until he’s sober, and talk to him about it. Ask him if it was just the drink, or if it just gave him the courage to say how he really feels. Let him know how you feel. See what happens.


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C is right. When most people get drunk, their true feelings or true self come out. In-the-closet nymphos become horney as hell, jerks become violent, and the guy who likes you will come on strong. Been my experience, anyway.

That’s funny…I didn’t think of it as me taking advantage of him, actually what I was worried about was that the alcohol was just making him horny and I was the nearest unattached female :slight_smile:

Devil’s Advocate here…

Alcohol releases inhibitions. Maybe it took him being shit-faced in order to come out and plegde his allegience?

Doesn’t make him a bad person, just a little insecure, a little fearful of rejection, and a little cowardly, which would put him in 99% of all of us.

Yer pal,

You cannot be sure of a drunk’s motives. And releasing one’s inhibitions is not necessarily a good thing. We tend to keep our dark side hidden from most people, and drinking can bring that out too. Some drinkers don’t remember what they said or did when they were drinking. Don’t remind him - he may be embarassed and avoid you because of it (especially if he really likes you). Just be bold and ask him (when he’s sober) if he’d like to join you for dinner (lunch, drink, whatever).

Cess says:

I hereby grant thumbelina, Cess, and all other females permission to, at any time, take advantage of any drunk male. Or sober male. It’s OK. We don’t mind. We’ll even say “Please!!”.