Dear Bitch who finishes my sentences:

Dear Bitch-who-finishes-my-sentences:

You’re a nice girl. In fact, you have some wonderful characteristics. Your two most fantastic ones fit deliciously in my hands and in the cups of your 34D bra. I have learned to appreciate some great aspects of your personality. For instance, you are a dirty talker. My! That is a wonderful thing - something I can truly appreciate. There is little I could ask for more than a nice girl with a filthy mind and two sexy and delicious boobies.

Oh wait. Perhaps one more thing.

Could you please stop finishing my fucking

“…crossword puzzles?”


Goddamn, that drives me nuts! Can you not tell when I’m finished with a sentence?! What is so fucking difficult about it? I swear to God I’m not trying to confuse you by putting a little lilt or a nice little wrap-up tone-lowering into my words. Now, I knew you were a bit of a sentence finisher and I could almost even laugh at it. Until today.

Today, you made me invent a new phrase - a new breakfast food, even. It happened like this:

I said, “I love breakfast foods! I love sausa…”

You said, “ges? Sausages??”

and I finished up, “…lito burritos. Yes, I love me some Sausalito Burritos! Leave it to those crazy Bay Area folks to come up with some great breakfast foods.”

You are a syllable finisher, too. I simply can not take anymore.


“luck? bye? riddance?”



I hear ya. My sister is a syllable finisher. I try to stop if she joins in and just let the moment die of silence.

Yah, Harborwolf, but does yr sister have big tits.

As long as your finished with her, can I have her boob…

Don’t do it. Be strong. Don’t do it!

Must… resist… urge…

Manhattan, be strong, man. Don’t do it! Christ, have some pity, Manny!

Next on Maury: Big breasted women,and the men who hate them for finishing their sentences :eek:

dances: Tiburon is a woman.

I’m sorry Tibby. I’ll never do it again.


-erry cereal?

And when you’re done with the cereal how about a fresh bis…


There’s nothing better than a fresh bisexual. Unless, of course, you happen to have a brand spankin’ new het…


This reminds me of a tragic story of an English teacher I knew. He was stabbed in the butt while in jail. Sadly, he had to finish his sentence with a semicolon!

That wasn’t a stabbing. :eek:

Matt_mcl do you have a farking problem with myself or anyone wanting to finish their…

Hebrew national hot dog? Or pickle? Or cu…

or cumberously large scro . . .?

Maybe I should start a thread called “ask the woman who constantly interrupts.” In my “growing up” family, interrupting was a way of life, it showed you were paying attention and interested. If people were quiet when you were talking, it meant they were bored. It’s taken years and constant vigilence to try to learn normal manners. I slip up mostly when I’m nervous or excited or extremely intrested. Sounds like a contradiction, doesn’t it? The more interested I am, the more carried away by the conversation, the more likely I am to interrupt or finish sentences…

So, have you talked to your bountiful date about this? You may find out she’s just nervous and interested. :smiley:

For long term relationships, I used to work out a hand signal with my boyfriend–he’d use it when I got “annoying”…it helped a lot, since the behavior was quite unconcious.

I’m better now…really…