DFW Dopers - it's time to get Lucky! (Saturday Lunch get-together)

I realize this is last-minute, but we have a brief window of opportunity to get together with Lucky Charms, a young Doper from…um…somewhere else who is in Dallas for a couple of days before leaving Sunday to be a counselor at a summer camp in the Hill Country.

It looks like there’s a brief window of opportunity for lunch on Saturday (yes, I mean Saturday the 16th). Who wants to get together? Post in this thread as soon as you see it… we’ll pick a restaurant once I know where Lucky Charms actually is… I’m thinking maybe around 12:30 or so…

I told him that we’re famous for getting together on short notice, so don’t let me down, folks.

As to where I am…

Well, my Dallas geography sucks ass, but I’m right near Lake Highlands High School.

On Saturday my Dad’s busy from 12-3, so I was thinking that we could maybe meet at the huge Half-Price books, I think off of Northwest Highway. We could just hang out, read books, drink coffee, etc. or we could go from there to lunch.

I’m from Austin BTW.

Lucky Charms

Lucky, you are literally only a mile or so from where I live. My son will be going to Lake Highlands High when he’s old enough.

Everybody, how about lunch at the Ditch? He’s from Austin, a meal at the Dallas El Arroyo might go over okay.

And Lucky? I LOVE the Half-Price Book Store. My son and I would be happy to waste time there with you.

Count me in!! Of course someone will probably have to remind Friday evening and again on Saturday morning.

And then again about an hour before you’re planning to meet. :wink:

giggles <sorry, couldn’t resist that, Grace> hugs

I’d love to come, but can’t this time. Still working on coming up the end of the month, though. And, Lucky, since I live in San Antonio, perhaps we will meet at a future Austin Dopefest soon.
Hi, Cheffie! smooch :slight_smile:

No problem, Grace… I’ll remind you tonight before I get dressed and go home.

[sub]GASP! did I say that out loud?[/sub]

JimB? Zyada? Would one of you please send out e-mail invites so we can catch as many people as possible? The plan is for lunch at The Ditch, tomorrow (Saturday) at 12:30, unless I get overruled.

Sorry, can’t make this one. Got a little too much to do around here this weekend.

Purblebear, you better figure out how to get up here on the 30th or I’ll have to divulge another reason for a party and shame you into it.

Have a good time.

Damn, I’m going on a blind date tomorrow. I doubt that I would be able to catch up with everyone. However, if you all stay late enough at El Arroyo, I may be able to make it.

Zyada is out of town so she can’t do it. Maybe JimB can do it.

I still owe you Purplebear for forgetting. Next time you’re here, we’ll definitely get together. Maybe you can come up when Mr. Grace is on vacation in July. That’s a perfect time for a gathering.

And Cheffie, you’re a bad boy. I said “let’s get together for lunch” not “let get together for lunch and then go back to my place for some afternoon delight.”

Well, I know that you didn’t specifically mention the afternoon delight, but I just figured that like a mime on a toilet, it goes without saying.

Ok, Chef, I sent a quick notice to everyone. I’m in a little hurry this morning, so, I didn’t give direction or address. You might want to post them here.


Jim, I’m working on it, I’m working on it! And don’t you dare tell that. :stuck_out_tongue:

Grace, you’re on. It’s a date. And, you don’t owe me, I was just teasing you.

wry smile And here I send Cheffie a kiss, and he doesn’t even say hello to me. Hmmpf! Fine. Be that way. pout

At least Jim appreciates me.

To a point, after all, it did take him almost 45 minutes to get to me, when he said it would only take him 15 or 20. :wink:

Hey, I get to go to a Dopefest this month after all! I’ll see y’all tomorrow, either at H-P Books or the Ditch.

OK Cheffie, so we meet tomorrow at 12 at the H-P books? Is that the plan?

If so, post and confirm, including some specific place to stand, and maybe some sort of identifying mark. You can count on me being the only one in a rainbow headband and aviator glasses :). (If only there were the approppriate smilie for that!)

Lucky Charms

That does it Cheffie. I’m gonna…


Lucky Charms

Yes, Lucky, we’re meeting at HP Books at noon. I will be the great big galoot with the goatee, wearing a black t-shirt and jeans. Want to meet in the coffee shop?

then we’ll go to El Arroyo to meet whoever shows up for lunch at 12:30.

Hey, where can I get a rainbow headband? Sounds stylin’.

By the way, Lucky, if you want to see a picture of me there’s one here, at my LiveJournal. That way you will have an easier time spotting me.

You might also want to glance at my bio and read about me a bit - and the journal itself is a pretty funny read, I’m told.

Cool. See y’all there.

I got my headband at a truck stop, along with a contemptuous look from the guy at the counter.

Lucky Charms

Well, I’m gonna try and make it this time. My son is out of the hospital and doing well, and I’m coming up there tomorrow to get him 'cause he wants to come here to visit family. So, again two birds with one stone. (hush, Cheffie) Now, I have to go and search for that map again. See ya.

Cheffie, do I still ask for the “Adam’s Family”?

And I hope you don’t mind me calling ya ‘Cheffie’ like some of the others do :).

Dagnamit!! Y’all would keep planning the Addams Family reunions while I’m out of town and won’t be back for another two weeks. :frowning: AND it’s with a new person.
::grumbles something about 1 dial-up computer on the whole campus::

Well, be sure to get the stories of all the ways I embarrassed myself saying stupid things. Skeletons anyone??
[beat you to it, Pete! bwahahahahaha!] Okay, pardonme, i’m suffering withdrawal from the internet and sane people.

I’m shutting up now :slight_smile: