DFW folks: A special b'day party is coming on the 22nd

Our most loveliest and wonderfulest and beautifulest and 'all that crap’est Grace is having a birthday and we are having a party.

Here are the particulars:
Where: Ziatrice’s house
When: Saturday, February 22nd
What time: Not sure yet, maybe early afternoon
Why: It’s her birthday

The party theme is Elvis. There will be Elvis stuff going on, like music, maybe a movie. Y’all can even come dressed as Elvis if you want.

I’ll provide beer and other alcoholic beverages. We’ll (Ziactrice and I) probably have some sort of main course, meatwise, depending on the time of day that we decide on. Other food will be welcome, but don’t worry too much about it.

I need to know what time of day would be best and if anyone is bringing stuff, please let me/us know. … About a cake, haven’t decided yet.

Email me for directions and address to Ziactrice’s house if you haven’t been there yet.

That’s all for now.


need address, please!

If a cake hasn’t been volunteered, i can do it.

whats your favorite flavour?

RATS…what kind of evil fate dictated that I should live so far from my beloved friends from Texas?

Oh, sorry…the "Can’t handle the heat, can’t handle the bugs. amd etc… thing…

I guess I am a wimp. On the other hand, I wouldn’t leave WA unless you paid me a million bucks.

Maybe not even then.

Anyway, Happity Birthday Grace!!!

Love you, my heart!!!

BNB, you can make the cake. I’ll find out what kind soon. What time of day is best for you since you have a long drive to Plano?

Scotti, I’d love it too if you lived closer. I send you some of the b’day cake.

We do need to decide on a time of day, folks.

Woooo hoooooo! A party for me and an Elvis party at that. happy dance Somebody knows me too well. I’ll definitely be there. I’m not just saying that because there’ll be chocolate cake or anything.

Gee, I guess I need to go shopping for an Elvis karaoke CD for my karaoke machine, which I’m bringing whether the wallflowers in the group like it or NOT.

Is this a kids or no-kids party?

(GOD, I wish I still had my Elvis cape.)


Yessssssss! more happy dancing

[sub][subdued voice] :frowning: [/subdued voice][/sub]

Oh well. Lots of people volunteering to make cakes for you Grace! That’s a good sign. Melissa and I are planning on coming, we were thinking sans kids when it was going to be at D&B or someplace similar, but we’re flexible if the environment is more kid-friendly.

Not sure I want to subject the children to Elvis-karaoke though :stuck_out_tongue:


Fate has intervened to spare me from Elvis-karaoke. I’m running a game at ConDFW on the 22nd.

So, here’s an early Happy Birthday to Grace:
“Happy Birthday!” {{Grace}}

You lucky bastard!

I didn’t want to commit on the kids thing until I had spoken with Ziactrice, you know, since it’s her house and all.

Kids are fine, but they need to bring their on entertainment. We might be able to put a computer together somewhere, but otherwise there aren’t any toys or anything. There is a couple of rooms that they can get away from the adults which I’m sure they’ll want to do very quickly.

Oh, and Balance, this will be good survival training. Are you sure you can’t make it? Listening to Grace and Chef doing Elvis has got to be an experience that none should miss. I’m not sure how much of it anyone can take, but it has to be something to pass down the kids or at least the people at the office and such.

We have a Reason to Celebrate. Thanks, Grace!

We have a Theme. Elvis. Who could ask for better than that?

We have one, maybe two chocolate cakes in the works.

We have Grilled Meat to eat - when we run out of cake, perhaps.

We have beverages by the esteemed Lord Jim, who is also helping out Yours Truly with the other Preparations.

We have a karaoke machine by the foolishly courageous Chef Troy!

What we don’t seem to have yet is any mention of a good time for y’all to gather unto the Vineyard, otherwise known as the Cooperage. Can I at least get a mid-day or an evening vote? I know those of you with kids don’t like to stay late, so… speak up, eh?

Ziactrice, could I bring Goliath? I’m sure he’d love to go back home for a visit.

I’d be happy to bring something if anyone has a suggestion.

I love for my parties to go to the dogs! :smiley:

Besides, I bet the kids will like having more puppies to play with. We all know the adults won’t be spoiling any of them with any attention.

Just a little bump for the weekend crew.

And another one!

Since I can’t make it to the party, I thought I’d contribute a recipe that matches the theme. (I found it in this cookbook.)

The Flaming Elvis

Cook a pound of bacon until crisp, and drain on paper towels. Mix chopped jalapenos with peanut butter. Split a loaf of French bread, butter the cut sides, and toast under the broiler. Spread peanut butter on both sides, pile on the bacon, and close it up. Cut into short pieces to serve.

(Elvis allegedly liked his PB-and-bacon deep-fried. With this version, you may live longer.)

Happy birthday, Grace!

I think we decided on having the party at 3pm on the 22nd, with some form of eating around 5 or 6. Then if people needed to get kids in bed or something they’d still be able to get home early enough.

I wasn’t listening real well, but I think that’s what Ziactrice said. I nodded so that made a unanimous decision.

See y’all on Saturday. I get the direction written up tomorrow.

Sounds good to me.

And thanks Bob for the birthday wishes. I wish you could be here for the party.