Diablo 3 massive connection issues on EU servers

I got disconnected 5-6 times today. One of them took place when I was trying to log in.

I am really mad now, sorry for creating an additional thread. This is only time I can find to play and it’s been getting ruined by connection problems.

The message that I received when I got disconnected was “timed out bla bla bla”

And I do not even think there is an problem concerning my connection or system. It seems like it is all because of crappy blizzort* servers.

Moreover there was heavy lag yesterday, latency was around 800-900 ms :mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:

To me,it seems like that blizzard despite being a millionaire company does not give a sh.t about EU servers.

Am I only one to encounter with this? If I am not, I will not bother to check my all connection (router, modem, firewall, windows etc)

  • Blizzort: a made up name by me to humiliate this company. This is the only way I can release my anger LOL

I can’t see any new threads on the EU forums mentioning connection problems so it’s certainly not widespread. I asked some friends who play and they’ve not noticed anything either.

I stopped playing a couple of weeks ago so my information is all second-hand I’m afraid.