Did American Dad get WAY better after it moved to TBS?

I was never crazy about this show when it aired on Fox. So I didn’t follow when they moved to TBS.

Anyway, I noticed a couple of seasons that I haven’t watched on Hulu, so I figured I’d give it a try. So glad I did, because that shit was funny!

I’m a fan of “shock” comedy, and these guys did NOT disappoint. Frankly, I can’t believe they got away with some of the stuff they put out there.

So to the three or four people on this board still watching: Did it get funnier to you after the move?

I dunno. Not that the new episodes aren’t funny, but I think it always was.
TBS has hyped it as a new “edgier” American Dad, but it seems all that means is they can say “shit” a couple of times each episode.

I’m not sure if the network switch is when it got funnier, but I’ve certainly been liking it more and more as it goes.

Yeah, part of the reason I wasn’t crazy about it in the beginning was because of Roger. His voice was grating to my ears and I didn’t get the whole costume thing. Now Roger is my favorite part of the show.

I’ve only seen it on TBS so I don’t really have basis for comparison, but I really do like it. I like it a lot better than what little I ever sat through of Family Guy.

I’ve only seen a couple of the TBS episodes, and they didn’t make me think “wow, this is way better than the Fox version!”. I did think that the Fox version had been going downhill a bit in later seasons, though.

Bumping this thread to note that I watched the rest of the TBS episodes and some of them were pretty good. But there were some pretty poor episodes in the first TBS season (IMO).

Many of my favourites are still from the first few seasons on Fox, though (e.g. Hayley shoots Stan and puts him in a wheelchair, Fran starts a muffin kiosk, Hayley dates Director Bullock, “Camp Refoogee”, Barry goes off his medication) before it started turning into “Roger’s Wacky Disguises (also featuring the Smiths)”.