Did anyone watch "Private Practice"?

I did. I already canceled the series recording out of Tivo.

Addison used to be sassy and sharp and accomplished. Having a series revolve around THAT character might have worked. But it does seem she abandoned her life, and every semblance of a personality, because a guy kissed her, and that just seems desperate and sad.

Why, oh, why would an accomplished surgeon – one of the only few in the country who could perform delicate neonatal surgeries in addition to being a world renowned gynecologist (yeah, I know) – leave her practice in order to be…a glorified midwife??


And Amy Brennaman, who I LOVE, is supposed to be a pyschiatrist who can’t get her shit together.

Stupid characters who have zero chemistry and stupid storylines. Not amusing, not entertaining, not charming. Just sad.

The fact that your post has been languishing for several hours, may answer your question in the negative.

I saw the spinoff episode, and wasn’t terribly impressed. But my family mutinied, grabbed the Tivo remote from my hands, and recorded last night’s. Haven’t seen it yet – hopefully, family will come to their senses, and it’ll free up some space in our quickly-becoming-clogged queue.

I watched it – but without having ever seen Grey’s Anatomy so not having the reference back to what her character should be. Even then, suck.

The intro? Where they show in a short snippet how each doctor is totally dysfunctional? That was pretty much it. I expect they will run the show for 22 episodes and never do any more character development than that.

I actually abandoned my year-long boycott of ABC to give this show a try because I love everyone in the cast. It was utterly boring. Amy Brenneman is playing – surprise, surprise – Amy Gray. <yawn> Even the presence of drool-worthy Taye Diggs can’t save this show for me. The only benefit to having watched it was that it lead in to Dirty Sexy Money, which utterly ROCKED.

Oh no! I did not get a chance to watch it last night but have it recorded. I must say that I was not a fan of the preview show that aired last season but decided to give it a chance. I loved Addison on Grey’s! However, it sounds like it was very disappointing. That’s so sad… she should have stayed in Seattle!

Nothing to add, really, but I’ll offer my gratitude for upholding my decision to blow the show off. I like Grey’s – in spite of myself, really – but found the spin-off episode last season to be painful to watch.

I winder if they will bring Addison back to GA when the new show is canceled.

I didn’t watch last night, but the preview last season was excruciating. I love Addison, but that chick wasn’t Addison. That was “Ally McBeal, the post-fertility years.” Blech.