Do users committ SDMB suicide?

I mean do some posters one day decide to just begin posting like asshole jerks to purposefully get banned, i.e. username suicide by moderator?

Seem like there have been some. Probably some that were alt.nicks or socks that decided to go out in a blaze of glory. Others appear to be just posters that have decided they don’t fit in around here and decide to push the limits of moderation.

What personality traits would cause someone to do that as opposed to just logging off and walking away? I guess I don’t get it.

I recall one notable poster from 5 years ago who went out like that. Note that the mods will probably lock this if names are dropped…

Yes, happens on a regular basis.

Some people just have preferred means of interaction, which aren’t quite tolerable in the long run, and after they get a bunch of warnings for it, they decide they’ll be MORE SO and force the mods to ban them.

Then there’s the regular crops of idiots, republicans and trolls who think this is Yahoo! comments and don’t bother reading responses such as moderator notes, or try to raise stupid and ineffective counterarguments, or just pile up too much stupid too quickly.

I’m going to relocate this to ATMB, but I’d note that as was referenced above, this should not, in any forum, turn into a discussion about specific former posters.

And the political dig here is inappropriate both in IMHO and ATMB.

There’s a way to commit SDMB suicide, posted here before I think:

-Change your account’s contact email to a temporary account like “”
-Change your password to asdflk;dcvi or something else randomly typed in.
-Log off.
-Delete the temporary email account.

Not bad. Whenever I post before I think, it ends up being gibberish.

This sounds like the Kervorkian method.

People do weird things in reaction to stress, mental illness, medications, etc.

If you work customer service jobs long enough, you’ll see that behavior in all sorts of contexts. People just lose it for no apparent reason.

If people feel they have been unjustly modded, then logging off and walking away is admitting defeat (in their minds). By continuing the behavior, they show everyone that they don’t agree with the moderation and won’t kowtow to what some moderator tells them to do. Victory!

Then they ride into the sunset, imagining remaining Dopers talking about the time that one poster stuck it to the Man. It’s their version of grabbing the beer and bailing down the emergency exit slide.


All you’d have to do is email a mod, have them change the address back to your real address and reset the password. Your suggestion is really just for people that have a personal reason to want to be done with it and need some help staying away. We’ve had plenty of people ask for their account to be suspended for that reason as well. The extra step (and the time waiting for a response) with either of these cases probably helps to keep them away and focused on what they’re supposed to be doing with their life.

I’ve never figured out why it’s so hard to log off and never return. It’s like moving, you pack your bags and leave. Why crap on the landlords carpet in the process?

If the landlord has royally screwed you over (in your view), pretty much everyone has the temptation to leave with some kind of “fuck you” to the landlord. Most people can resist the urge and simply move out, but some cannot.

The people who commit suicide by mod generally aren’t doing it because they’re tired of the site or are having trouble quitting. They are pissed at some perceived slight or unfair treatment.

Didn’t there used to be a thread about banned members, each with a short explanation? I seem to remember some seeking to be banned for some reason.

I think the world would be as better place if one could always exit a bad situation in that manner.

There’s no other way out. And it’s not a certain death, sometimes they’ll drag you back in.

I took several years off from the Dope. The political atmosphere was getting to me. Now, either I’ve matured or things have toned down, because it doesn’t bother me anymore.

No. We post announcements when long-term members are banned, but have never had a compendium thread.

I wont name names (as much because I don’t remember them offhand), but I remember posters who have flat out admitted that they were committing “suicide. by mod.”

I can see a bit of appeal. If you’re really frustrated, and you know you won’t be back, perhaps it could be cathartic. Though I’d suspect the Pit makes that much less common than in other boards. The only real limit here is venting about mod actions.

One of us! One of us!