Do you object to being ogled?

I do not. Of course, of the people who find me sexually attractive, only one chooses to ogle me openly, and I ogle her right back, so that works out nicely.
But, if some random person starts leering at me…so what?
I’m an atheist. If someone tells me they’re praying for me, I thank them for their goodwill, regardless of Who I think is (or isn’t) listening.
Isn’t having one’s attractiveness confirmed a positive experience?

Depends on how it’s done. If I don’t get a creepy guy vibe, it doesn’t bother me at all.

No objections here. I prefer it from women, but I’ll take whatever compliments I can get.

Same with the creepy guy vibe here. I generally don’t mind it… unfortunately I get that vibe semi-often because when I’m ogled it’s usually by guys who seem to be imagining horrible things… (No I’m not a prude but there is a point that can be passed with what you imagine doing to a girl and showing it in your eyes)

I don’t mind being ogled. My boyfriend minds it when I am, though. :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t mind one bit, but I wish I was more aware of it when it was happening.

don’t mind either. It’s a compliment rather, but a few times i’ve been ogled by gay men and it’s been a bit unnerving. Most of the time it’s not, but some just seem to have this glint in their eye…


I don’t mind either, but it is better to be oogled and smiled at by tall, neat, men without beer bellies. I never go out of the house without looking pretty decent, and I have always been noticed and glanced at, it is a complement and I kind of expect it. If I was ignored, I would think something was wrong.

Absolutely not, unless it’s from a creepy woman. :smiley:

I don’t mind if you look, but please don’t stare. It’s creepy and makes you look like an idiot who can’t control himself.

Oogled is OK, hitting on me and making lewd comments is not. Look at you want, but keep it to yourself unless you can make a compliment without sounding like a slimeball… (No, I’m not bitter.)

I don’t mind being looked at, but just don’t make me feel uncomfortable.

Discrete glances, no problem. Even at work or if I’m out with my kids.

Leering, inappropriate at work, inappropriate around my kids, perfectly ok if I’m dressed like a slut at a party.

Context is everything.

I think its uncomfortable and more than a little annoying, and would probably make me want to leave the area posthaste.

I wouldn’t know…

I don’t mind, I mean, if I happen to be staring at a particular part of a woman’s anatomy, and she happens to be staring at a particular part of my anatomy, well, thats perfectly fair.

Ever find yourself looking at an unusual part of a person? It seems like people are attuned to being aware people are looking at their bust/eyes/groin, but less so when the person is staring at their belly/shoes/hands.

I’m sorry…I mis-read the OP…I thought that said googled. :eek:

I object to not being oogled.

I’m with Sublight on this. Though the number of times I’ve been checked out by women are scarce (though my wife has told me she’s caught some before) I have been told by several gay guys that they find me attractive and that’s a compliment in my book.

I’m an idiot when it comes to this anyway so I wouldn’t know. Ogle all you want. Hell I wouldn’t know even if some hottie came up and gave me her phone number.