Do you sleep with your phone?

If someone wanted to reach me at night, they could probably ring a device that I also hear.

But no, in the sense of the OP, I don’t “sleep with my phone”.

I always keep my phone on the mattress next to me because it has an app that monitors my sleep and sounds the alarm within 30 minutes of a chosen time when it determines I am my lightest level of sleep. I started doing that when I had an odd working schedule and it helped immensely with me getting enough rest and being alert for meetings. I do, however, put the phone in airplane mode while I am sleeping (unless I am only taking a nap) so that I am not disturbed by any messages.

Years ago, when I had a landline and worked nights, I had two phones. One in my room with the ringer off, and one in the living room with the ringer on. That way, when I was sleeping (or about to fall asleep) I would not be woken by telemarketers, but would still hear the phone ring from my room if I was awake.


My cell is in my office across the hall. We do have a landline in our bedroom (and lots of other rooms, I accumulate phones) but the ringer is turned off. If someone calls long enough, we’ll hear it in my wife’s office down the hall.
I have no need for music or TV or podcasts to put me to sleep.

I sleep with my phone on my nightstand, as it is my alarm clock.



Not all audiobooks are loud enough to hear from the night stand if I roll over so that my back is to it. The wraparound pillow probably doesn’t help either.

I’m the OP. So, I checked my phone stats and I see that I average 14 hours 30 minutes per day of screen time and I receive an average of 388 notifications per day. So, I think I’m above average for mobile phone usage on the SDMB. I do have friends all around the world, so receiving texts at any time isn’t unusual. I may not need to check messages and breaking news at 4 am when I wake up to use the toilet, but I figure I may as well. There might be unusual activity in the European financial markets, a development in Brexit, or Manchester United firing their manager. Since I know it’ll take me a few minutes to fall back asleep, I may as well jump on Twitter and react to what’s going on in the world.

I rarely use the phone as an alarm. This damn night shift means I don’t really have a particular time to wake up in the AM. I’m usually in bed by 2 or 3 am and awake around 10 am.

Same here, except I’m retired now so don’t need an alarm!

I sleep with it on my headboard.

I don’t sleep with it like this lady did… we’re not that good of friends.

Do I understand this right? Your looking at you’re phone for 14 hours and 30 minutes a day?

Or is it mostly playing music or something for the majority of that time?

There are only two things I do in bed and using my phone is not one of them.

I’ll bet your sleep quality would improve if you ditched the screens a half hour before going to sleep, for the rest of the night.

I’m at the other end. It’s been 3 days:8 hours:42 minutes since the last charge with 56 minute:22 seconds of screen time.

I guess I fail at smartphoning.

I sympathize! Every now and then I’m not in the mood to read before I fall asleep, and would instead like to listen to music for a little while. Luckily, my wake-up-light alarm clock has a radio snooze function. However, if it’s just the right volume when I’m facing it, it’s too quiet when I turn over; and if it’s just the right volume when my back is to it, it’s too loud when I turn over. And I turn over a couple times before settling into a position. Oh, and if I do manage to find a comfy position and just the right volume, it’s guaranteed that the radio station will then begin a 10-minute commercial block. So, the “fall asleep to music” thing hardly ever works for me. :frowning:

I’m one of those people, and my answer to both of your questions is no. I don’t think it’s generational - Roderick Femm is 69 and I’m only 41.

I don’t use my phone as an alarm, don’t use my phone for audiobooks, I use my clock as a clock, and I use Alexa’s sound skills for white noise.

I treat my cell phone as I used to treat my landlines phone. It sits on the nightstand next to my bed. It is generally on the charger overnight and I turn notifications off but not ring tone should my family need to reach me.

I pretty much interact with my phone every waking minute, so 14.5 hours per day sounds reasonable. My stats for today are ten hours of use including: 1 hour 40 minutes of Facebook, 90 minutes of Facebook messenger, 1 hour 14 minutes of Safari for website usage, 1 hour of Twitter, 48 minutes of Instagram, and 36 minutes of text messages sent via phone rather than Facebook messaging.

In a usual day, I range from 500 to 1000 messages though texting and Facebook messanger.

Depends on how quickly I fall asleep.

I used to sleep with both my phone and my gun under my pillow until one night when I received a call and answered my gun, almost blowing my head off.

Nah, just kidding. Everyone here knows I am anti-gun and don’t have one. The wife and I both keep our phones on stands near the bed, especially since I use mine as an alarm, but in the bed? That would be weird.

Do you have a job?

Yes, of course. However, my job is feast or famine and a good part of the time is spent looking at monitors making sure nothing goes wrong. So, I’m on my phone a great deal at work as well. I’m job hunting in 2019 and would love to find a more challenging job.

I intend to do this almost every night, and I’m successful about 70% of the time.