Do you sleep with your phone?

Thanks to everyone who responded to my question. Those were all good reasons to keep the phone nearby.

To the landline question: We have one in the bedroom, but the ringer is off (and has been for decades).

Maybe my situation isn’t as common as I thought, but there isn’t anyone I need to interact with for medical reasons (like Thelmalou’s mom), and no kids are close enough that we could help in an emergency. Since my cellphone insists on bleeping and blorping whenever it thinks something interesting has happened, I banish it from anywhere I need peace. That includes watching movies, reading, and sleeping. That’s why I was taken aback to discover people bring the annoying things into their bed at night.

You can make your cellphone experience much less annoying by turning off notifications from most of your apps. On an android, click the gear shape for “settings”, click “notifications” and a list of your apps will turn up. Then just turn them all off except for what you want. My phone only bleeps and bloops when I get texts or emails. At the movies, I just click the mute button.

I use the phone as an alarm clock, and I read/surf on it before bed nightly. Sometimes I go to sleep listening to a podcast or an old episode of QI. For some reason, QI is comforting and sends me off to sleep nicely.

No; usually it’s recharging in my office across the hall. In my current life situation there are very few conditions that might require me to answer a phone call or text message in the middle of the night.