Do you still live in the state you were born in?

Simple question… do you currently live in the same state you were born in? If so, have you always lived there or did you return?

If you’re not from the US, apply it to whatever type of breakdown your country uses, if any. If none exist, then assume same town/city.

I also live in the same city I was born in. I work across the street from the hospital I was born in, and my house is a little over a mile from that.

I did spend three years in the military but in the poll I counted myself as always living here, because this was still my official residence, where I voted absentee.

I’ve lived in Memphis for 40 years. I lived in Fallon, NV for one.

Taking Ontario as the Canadian equivalent, yes, my permanent residence has always been in the province of Ontario.

Born in State A. Moved to State B at the tender age of about 8 months. Moved to State C a year later. Lived there through college. “Returned” to State A immediately thereafter. It’s been almost 30 years now.

Born in Scotland and living there now. I’ve also lived in England (London area) and the USA (PA, WV, NJ).

I left Ohio in 1984. Never been back.

I was born in Pennsylvania, but now I live in California. In between I spent a stretch of time in Montreal.

That’s almost exactly what I did, except there were states D, E, and F in there before I ended back up in A.

“Yes, but I have lived in other state(s) in between” - although I don’t have any clear memories of it. I understand that my parents and I lived in New York for a few years when I was small. I actually not only live in my home state but am back in the city I was born in.

Sorry :frowning:

ETA: Not about Memphis. Never been there.

Not any more. I returned to Alaska after a 30 year absence, stayed for ten years, then decamped to Oregon.

I was born in Kansas and grew up there. After marriage we lived in Missouri, Arkansas, Texas, Louisiana, Nebraska, and Wyoming. We got to Wyoming over 50 years ago, and still live here.

I voted that I live in the same state I was born and always have, then realized that was technically wrong. We moved to another state when I was an infant, but moved back before I was four. I don’t remember living in another state, but I did.

I don’t really count that though. For one you were young and you really didn’t have a choice.

Thought I was born in Maryland, I did live in California for a year or less, and Texas for a few months, I only really remember Maryland. I considered that I’ve always lived here.

I’ve lived in the state I was born in as an adult (ages 18-20), and have always lived in that state or the one next to it, but I don’t live there now.

I grew up in BC, went to college in Alberta, then lived in New Brunswick for a year, spent a few summers working in Ontario, and finally settled down in Alberta.

Not only do I still live in the same province where I was born, I actually now live three blocks away from the hospital where I was born.

ETA: I guess technically I was born in the Cape Province and now live in the Western Cape; but that’s the effect of time rather than location.

I grew up here, moved away after college to Georgia, then Colorado, then Georgia again, then moved back to my home area. And now I have moved back into my childhood home since my elderly mom can’t live by herself anymore.

According to a song I heard once, your city may be gone.

Born in Western PA, lived within 3 miles of the hospital I was born in for the first 27 years of my life, then Colorado, Texas, California, Colorado again, a suitcase for a year or so, France for 9 years, Pennslyvania again (opposite end of the state this time), and Texas again, or agin, as the case may be.