Does anyone else hate Andy Serkis as much as I do?

It’s not his fault that ‘The Batman’ (2022) is an hour too long.

I liked him in Burke and Hare… and LOTR, of course. I really don’t watch a lot of movies, so my exposure is likely rather limited…

I didn’t know Alfred was motion captured. Did they make him look like Michael Caine?

I know you didn’t intend to, but you shouldn’t disparage the work of costume and makeup artists, either.

That wasn’t my intention at all- I was trying to say that they get recognized separately from the other visual effects people and from the actors, and that in a sense, the digital character artists(?- as good a term as any I guess) are lumped in with the general VFX people and separated from the actor.

So you end up with the situation we see here- Serkis does a stellar job as the actor, both voice and motion capture, and the digital character folks do a stellar job bringing the character to life, and what happens? Serkis gets recognized for his acting and the digital character folks are just lumped in with the rest of the film’s VFX. Makeup and costuming don’t get done like that- you can have terrible acting, and still be recognized for excellence in costuming or makeup. Or you can have terrible costuming and makeup, and still recognize the actor for excellence in acting.

By no means was I trying to downplay the contributions of the costuming and makeup people- I was trying to say that the digital character artists’ should be considered alongside them instead of merely lumped into a catch-all VFX category.

I really don’t think that he is. These pieces are more of a “Let’s you and them fight” than actual reporting on disagreement.

Of course an actor is going to be the one who takes the credit for their performance, and for every actor on the screen, there are dozens to hundreds, or even thousands, of people working behind the scenes to make that happen.

Maybe they are a bit narcissistic and full of themselves, but I figure anyone who wants to have their performances shown to the world is going to be at least a bit self-centered. But, when an actor talks about how they bring energy to their performance, the catering crew shouldn’t be insulted by the actor not thanking them for providing nutritious foods that keep that energy up.

I was pointing out that Serkis isn’t just an actor. He’s also the owner of the animation company. So I am sure he is fully aware of the work going on behind the scenes in the movie’s animation. All those people doing that work are his employees.

Right, I was just pointing out that those articles that were cited were hit pieces, clickbait for people who wanted to see a fight, not reporting over an actual fight.

Yeah this Serkis fuck is the most pittable asshole I’ve seen here in ages.

He has two performance voices: his own, and that weird Donald duck that he doesn’t limit to playing Gollum.

No matter what character he plays he plays them with that weird creepy grin.

Maybe it’s because he does so much work without his own face, but he just insists on himself too much. No matter the story, he feels like an uninvited creepy showoff.

He always seems to have an expression that says “This is a cameo because I’m actually too famous to be in this movie.” And every entry looks like he’s waiting for the applause to die down.

He’s just a creepy showoff who sucks the air out of any scene he’s in.


Cue Stephen Colbert to run in and say,

“Wait a minute…! Wait a minute! He’s in a LOTR movie, so he can’t be all bad…!”

I seem to remember him pulling off a pretty decent South African accent.

Don’t forget about his overly pointy elbows.

I disagree. I’ve liked Andy Serkis in everything I’ve seen him do.

As far as I can see, Serkis has a record of serving the whole production (and not making it About Him). A good example: 1999’s Topsy-Turvy.

Yeah, I thought he was a fine Ulysses Klaue.

He turned me into a newt!

No, you’re thinking of Monty Python’s Flying Serkis.

Ha! Well done, TB.

I don’t hate Andy Serkis at all. I’m still waiting for the OP’s explanation for hatred.

Actually, that was the first movie that came to mind to support the OP’s theory. I always thought his turn in Topsy-Turvy was show-offy and a bit out of place. That entire scene is my least favorite in the movie, and I really like the movie!