Does anyone else share my hatred of NI politician Gregory Campbell?

Well now he’s a politician in Northern Ireland and I have to say as many people in Ireland know that he is the biggest sectarian bigot in the whole of Ireland. Well some of the things he says about the IRA and Bloody Sunday are pretty odd about let’s not worry about what the British Army did on Bloody Sunday he wants to know about what the IRA did and he also made fun of the Irish language in Stormont in Stormont he said Curry my Yogurt and a can of coca cola Curry my Yogurt and a can of coca cola which sounds like something in Irish which means Chairperson I want and Chairperson I want to say something or something like that and he wouldn’t dare make fun of Polish or Romanian or another minority language so I was just wondering if anyone in Ireland or whatever what you think about him and if you share my hatred of him then?

I make fun of your use of the English language.

Try punctuation next time. And sentences. (Even sentence fragments. Just communicate somehow, s’right?)

Right there with you, Trinopus. I don’t know enough about Campbell to hate him, but I don’t share the OP’s apparent hatred for punctuation.

Seriously. How do you write something liked that, read it, and not say to yourself, “What the fuck is that?”

If he can work a full stop into a sentence I suppose I can live with him.

Joyce did it better.

Begorrah! 'Tis a true Blarney-dump!

Curry my Yogurt and a can of coca cola?

That’s over the top. Pick one or the other.

Curry-yogurt, coca cola: drink them both up.

Maybe the OP is actually an eloquent writer, and is merely repeating Campbell’s words verbatim. In that case, I can understand the hate.

Dude, might wanna ease back on the Tullamore.

Genuinely thought the OP was a spambot.

After looking at his other posts, it turns out he just writes that way.

Go down Point Koomahnah, both mother and daughter workin’ for the Yankee dollar.

Oh, you vex me, you vex me.

For what it’s worth here’s a link. I hadn’t heard of Gregory Campbell before this but clearly he’s a bigoted cockwomble.

Now and in time to be
Wherever green is worn
Are changed, changed utterly
A terrible beauty is born

“Curry my yoghurt” was a corruption of “Go raibh maith agat”, which means “Thank you”. In the Ulster dialect used in Northern Ireland, the “maith” is pronounced as “my”. The “can coca-colyer” was a corruption of “Ceann Comhairle”, which is basically, Head Speaker, or “Speaker of the Assembly”.

So, “Curry my yoghurt can coca-colyer” was his way of mocking the way the Sinn Fein members said, “Thank you, Speaker” before and after their remarks.

Absolutely offensive. He’s an idiot.

As for the OP, you may want to read up on punctuation, such as commas, periods, semicolons, hyphens, and exclamation points.

I don’t think I’ve heard of him but I would be richer if I had made a bet that he was in the DUP.

He’s a creationist nutbag who complains about the Simpsons, or anything that reminds him of nationalism. I’ll bet that he wants to ban NI citizens in the USA from investing in a Roth IRA just because of the name.

His word salad was in 2014, so I don’t know why the OP is complaining about him right now, though.

Thanks for the explanation, but, no, I do not think the OP needs exclamation points.