Does anyone know what country song this is?

I’m trying to remember who sings a certain country song and/or it’s title. It’s sung in a vocal style reminiscient of Randy Travis. Besides that, all I remember is that in the last verse the singer is standing outside the Pearly Gates, and the song goes “If they knew all the things I’ve done they’ll never let me in”.
Any ideas?

Love without end, Amen.

I find AltaVista ( to be fantastic for finding song lyrics. The catch is that you have to look for several phrases (rather than a long excerpt) because the lyrics as transcribed might be a little different than how you remember it. This is particularly true of sub-standard words which have many alternate spellings (you or ya, 'cause or cuz).

When I told AltaVista to look for

it gave me two sites, both of which give your line as

And, by the way, they say it is Love Without End, Amen written by Aaron Barker, from “Livin It Up” by George Strait.

Yup, that’s it! Thanks guys!