Does this forum base classify people as "regs" or "newfags?"

Every single forum base I’ve been to has, and I swear, if this site does, I… I don’t know what I’ll do.

I’ll obliterate you all with a laser gun and lots of mirrors.

You sound hungry.

To answer your question though, no and no. Welcome, assuming you’re friendly.

Also, requests may be made of you to bring pie. Expect that.

I’ve never heard those terms, and wouldn’t want to hang out any place they were used.

Drop and give me twenty, or you get the paddle.

No. Guess I’m a “regfag.”

Hi The Lizard of Oz
I did a search on our site

last time someone used newfags was 2008

regs is a bit short to do a search query

did this help?

We didn’t, until you came and suggested it.

So… welcome, and congrats on being this board’s very first newfag! :stuck_out_tongue:

You’re one to talk voltaire.


You’re barely a currentfag

we use 1920’s Death Rays‎

Does one need to be a fag before being a newfag or are the two terms independent? I’m afraid I know a lot more about New FAQs than newfags, sorry.

He changed his name.

You must be a regular from 4chan.

No, we don’t really classify each other here as those things (or anything).

Mostly we categorize people by whether they are idiots or not. We need more posting history to make that determination.

I myself am an “oldfart” or “venerable mossback” on this board.

So, are you an idiot?

Here we’re either “smart and hip”, or a “total dipstick”.

Like Heisenberg, though, to find out which one you are is to risk your category thereby being changed.

I would add the OP has registered as a 15 year old girl, so maybe cutting some slack would be okay.

Then again, I may be a “Total Dipstick”. (I think I have a new charter thing).

I don’t think it’s that simple; there seem to be any number who manage both.

I have bad news for you, Lizard - you have no chance of ever being a Charter Fag like me. :frowning:

But the thread that inspired it is etched in stone.

No. We’re adults here.

Says a guy named Smeghead! Speak for yourself!