Does This Mean Anything And If So What?

It’s late so I’ll try and make this short. Here’s a little background. I’m a guy and I have a friend who happens to be female who I usually go out with on Thursdays for a few drinks and see what’s going on in each others lives. We’re very good friends although I am attracted to her and she does know this and although she has told me that she thinks I’m a great guy and one of the few people she trusts and feels comfortable around (she has depression and social anxiety) she is not interested in me as more than a friend.

Anyway here is why I’m writing this. At the end of the night we leave together and usually one or both of us has to have one more bathroom stop. Normally she’d wait up for me if I had to go or I’d wait up if she had to go and walk out to our cars together and chat a bit more and then head back to our respective apartments. Well the last two weeks when I headed off to hit the mens room she told me she was in a hurry to leave and gave me a hug inside and told me to keep in touch so that she could get out to her car and be leaving by the time I was heading outto my car.

Now I’m not worried about our friendship or anything like that because the last two weeks I’ve been a bit tired and not totally enthused to go out but she’ll bug me and so of course I’ll say yes. So it’s not like I’m dragging her out there or that she hates hanging around me or anything. It’s not like this has any great importance (of course why am I taking the time to type it here???) but does anybody have any reason why she would be in a hurry to leave all of a sudden???

I joked to one of my friends that she was in a hurry to exit because she wouldn’t be able to control herself alone with me after a few drinks. I don’t believe she had anywhere to go afterwards and she didn’t work the day after the one week and the other week she didn’t have to get up until 10 AM so it wasn’t to hurry home to get some sleep. Oh well for I shouldn’t wonder about this but for some reason I do.

Am I to believe that you’re still trying to get this girl? If so, here’s my advice:

Step 1:

Whatever you’re doing or have done in the past to let this girl know that you’re interested in her as more than a friend, stop. Women aren’t interested in guys they know they can have at the drop of a hat.

Step 2:

She’s driving you crazy by leaving early every Thursday. Now it’s your turn. Next time you’re out and it’s getting to be around the time when she’s going to take off and leave you hanging, turn the tables and do it to her. Don’t offer the info of where you’re going and if she asks just be vague (“I have some things to do.”)

Step 3:

Well, if you properly execute Steps 1 and 2 then step 3 should be self explanatory. If she’s at all interested you’ll soon find out and if not you still have a friend.

In summary: what you’re doing now isn’t working and it never will work. You have nothing to lose by switching up your gameplan.

Oh, and be funny. Girls love a guy that can make them laugh.

Ummmm, this might seem simplistic, but have you thought of just asking her?