Don't give a good goddamn if it's the Pit or not

I don’t play coy games.
Hate speech=abusive language aimed a particular group. Easy to define, easy to see, easy enough to stop.

And you don’t feel that that’s perhaps a tad simplistic or overly broad?

What, you think we’re talking about meth-heads and tweakers?

Troll said what trolls say. Nuff said.

I applaud you, sir.

Why make it difficult? It’s not hard to understand. Like I said, this can be taught to young children. Easy-peasy.

Keep in mind, this is largely the same mod staff that tolerated Clothahump for nearly 20 years and Starving Artist for the better part of a decade. The are numerous posters here who are basically just shitty trolls; Huey is far from the most prolific or obnoxious. I’m rarely happy to see him post either, but at least he keeps his shit mostly contained to a handful of threads, most of which are by or about him.

By comparison… Recently, we had a thread where a regular poster here got sick of the trolling of another member and decided to emulate their style. It was really on-point, too! In my eyes, it rather conclusively showed that this style of debate is designed to be intentionally infuriating and drive the conversation off course, and that the more we tolerate it, the worse the board gets - regardless of whether they’re doing it to troll intentionally or if that’s just how they post.

Another poster got so sick of a different poster’s nonsense that he posted this.

(To which I can only say: fucking cosigned, although I’m a little shocked that didn’t grab a warning.)

After 9 pages of this crap, the lone moderator action in the thread was to say it was on super special lockdown. This wasn’t a pit thread. It was in elections. Not that it would somehow be better in the pit.

Say what you will about Huey, he’s far from the worst around. If you avoid his threads, you can basically avoid him completely! That’s kind of odd for a troll, right?

Hey, she started it…
…last year, sometime. Dude can definitely hold a grudge.

My thoughts exactly.
Anyone who would spew such misinformed, idiotic, and misogynist garbage at another poster just opens the window on what a truly uneducated, backward-thinking, and awful person they really are.

Bringing family into the issue should be off-limits.

FWIW, Guin, I am sorry you are coming in for these kinds of undeserved personal attacks. Being the better person isn’t always easy, but you’re doing it.

Huey is being as offensive as he can against white people so he can get Banned. Then he will pat himself on the back that “those white supremacists can’t handle me!” etc., etc. If he isn’t Banned, he will just up the ante.

Might as well give him what he wants. IMO, IANAMod. And I do suffer from an unfortunate tendency to throw nutriment under bridges.

Hmm - Huey Freeman vs. practically any other Doper I can think of.

Not a tough call AFAICT.


I reported it too. That post went beyond typical Pit poo-flinging; it was vile, stalker-level crap.

Without weighing in on what justifies a banhammer, ISTM we have a perfectly functional “Ignore” function.

At first, reading just the link to the specific post, I was like yeah this is way over the top. Reading it in context of the thread (at least from post 500 or so) I didn’t feel quite the same way. As others said it is the Pit and while one of the wordier and more constructed rants its far from the only serious personal jab that whole thing produced. As much as I hate to say it, I would probably let that one pass. I would prefer it had been against some other poster (insert another name including my own here) but -------------

The problem, as I see it in this case, isn’t any one singular post (although the one from the OP is far over the “being a jerk line” to atleast deserve something) - its the totality and mutliple posts by the same individual. I don’t believe I have read anything by the individual in question that was NOT being a jerk or hatefilled rant.

OK, a few things.

  1. You’ve been heard. We’re discussing. How long that will take is unknown.

  2. Let’s go easy on calling other posters trolls in ATMB, please. Make your case, should you so desire, but let’s keep it civil. And especially don’t drag other posters into it.

I had to look up “thot”. :rolleyes: Not too impressed. Is this the best the kids these days can come up with?

I wasn’t particularly impressed until I realized its application in a hypnotic context. Thought control/thot control. But yeah it’s pretty weak.

We also have a community culture. A culture that rejects attacking people for their mental illnesses and that rejects attacking other poster’s children.

Thank you.

You talking about the Pit? Because if so, I recommend you start reading some of the vile things people post down there. Yes, it includes attacks on children and mental illness. I think singling one poster out is completely unfair and smacks of hypocrisy.

It’s like how dare this outsider poke his head into this playground and participate according to the same rules everyone else is. The Pit isn’t reserved for an in-group to libel and character assassinate everyone else.

Personally, I think the pit as a concept is pretty darn stupid. However, if it is to exist I don’t see the point in looking for loopholes to protect the privileged.

While you are considering, I just want to add my two cents. He is racist, ableist, and misogynistic. I don’t know what we call people who hold espouse negative views on depression and seeking treatment for the same, but whatever it is, he’s that too.

I would like to have discourse, even heated discourse, with someone about race. Huey is not that person. He’s not having a dialogue, he’s flinging shit. Granted, he’s flinging shit in the Pit, but he won’t engage anywhere else.

I appreciate that we are open to multiple perspectives around here, but I have to agree that Huey’s contribution to this board seems to be hate. I don’t think that’s good for the community.