Don't give me that anti-vegetarian shit.

You know what, ma’am? You really, really piss me off. Every time I sit in the cafeteria at lunch, enjoying my pasta, you have to walk by. And every time you walk by, I shudder in horror and await the inane saying you looked up on the internet last night.

“Want some chicken with that?”
“You’re going to be anemic someday.”
“Well, I didn’t fight my way to the top of the food chain to be a vegetarian.”
“Are you allowed to eat animal crackers?”
“If we shouldn’t eat animals, why are they made of meat?”

You stupid, stupid rat-creature. I bet you feel real smart after belting out one of those lines and leaving before I can even say anything to you. Are you afraid of getting embarrased because there is the chance I might have a retort? Fuck off, and leave my personal choices to myself. I don’t poke fun of your annoying-as-hell eye makeup that makes it look like you have spider’s legs shooting out where your eyelashes should be, or that you’re a Christian witch. (However that works.) If your childish attitude continues, I will snap, and I will beat you like a bad puppy.
And you know what? You’re cute little quote, “If we shouldn’t eat animals, why are they made of meat?” is an excuse for cannibalism.


How can you be a vegetarian if you have the good taste to like Bone? :wink: :smiley:

And yeah. People who intrude into other’s diets are in serious need of a lesson in manners that begins with a punch in the snoot.
(For those who don’t get it, “Stupid, STUPID rat-creatures” is a recurring line from a wonderful, funny, deep comic called Bone)

I never understood this type of behavior–chalk it up to self-righteousness, I guess. I’m not a vegetarian cause I don’t see any reason to be one. But if someone else wants to be a vegetarian, it’s not harming me in the least, or even affecting me at all, so it’s none of my damn business! Apparently that’s too much for some people…

Nor do I play one on TV.

But what kind of vacuous dweeb annoys you because of what you eat?

I can see if you came to the pit and told us all about the dangers of meat, and tried to convert us to vegetarianisim. We might get on your shit a little. It sounds like you’re just trying to eat your lunch without editorial comment.

Remind her that because you won’t kill an animal to eat, you have no difficulty with humans. Ask her if she thinks she has more white meat or dark.

Or, just invite her over to your table and offer her a nice hot cup of Shut The Fuck Up.

Good luck.


[sub]What was the problem with cannibalisim again?[/sub]

Respond by saying we can’t even digest that meat unless it’s cooked properly. Before fire, man couldn’t eat meat, and indeed hasn’t evolved to eat meat. Our digestive tracts, unlike carnivores, cannot filter out the bacteria in meat. Our teeth are most obviously that of an herbivore.

Our bodies are more accustomed to eating plants than animals; humans only began to eat animals as a means of survival; i.e. when humans traveled into unfamiliar climates, often there would be little edible vegetation and people had to rely on hunting animals for food. Many peoples of the Arctic region (like the Inuits and the Lappish) rely heavily on meat and have shorter lifespans than similarly advanced tribes who rely mostly on plants.

But nowadays we have a choice of what to eat, and I don’t want that unnatural unhealthy meat in my system.


Really, did you have to go there ?

Please re-read the OP and then re-read the third line of Billy Rubin’s post.

[sub]I know it’s overused, but I have to do it again[/sub]

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You want a nice natural, healthy JellyDonut instead?

Trust me. Most of us vegetarians just wanna eat our veggies in peace. Just want to be left alone. Most of us don’t make spontanious speeches about why we are vegetarians. Who cares?

Well, actually, some people do care. And they ask. (I suspect they care because they think I’m “weird”, or want to argue.) So, I usually answer “Because I don’t want to.” What is so difficult about that? Why can’t the answer be that simple? Why do any of us need to elaborate? Why start a big argument? I sure as hell don’t want one. I just want (like the OP wants) to eat my veggies in peace!

Maybe she’s sweet on you. Go pull her hair or something. :wink:

Well, the point is not to convert her to vegetarianism but rather to refute her anti-vegetarian statements so she stops trying to convert people out of vegetarianism. Usually I keep quiet about my vegetarianism but in some cases it’s just better to educate people where they’re incorrect.

*Originally posted by alice_in_wonderland *

Homer: Marge, could you please pass me a donut?
Marge: What’s a donut?
<Homer exits dimension>
<Donuts fall from the sky>
Marge: Oh look, it’s raining again.

Huh? Before we had fire we didn’t or couldn’t eat meat? I’d ask for a cite, but since few people alive were around before fire, we’re not likely to get anyone to say either way. In any event, there are perfectly healthy people alive today who eat nothing whatsoever but raw meats, raw fish, etc. This kind of invented anecdotal “evidence” is what makes vegetarians annoying to us cannibals. We really don’t care what you eat, but don’t invent reasons why you don’t eat it.

er, Sorry. Check Cecil for something a little closer to the truth of that matter.

Again, for every cite that supports vegetarianisim there is one that supports “cannibalisim”. You’ve made a choice based on your own judgement; good for you, I fully support your right to do so and am happy to see anyone excercise judgement in anything. The kind of attitude that wanders around spreading misinformation about how meat is unnatural and unhealthy is just an easy target for the friendly neighborhood cannibal. Did you ever consider that in the animal world nearly every single creature is edible, but that a dramatic portion of vegetation is inedible and even toxic to the point of being deadly? Your friendly neighborhood Neanderthal might go anywhere and eat just about any animal. Even the meat from the most poisonous of snakes is edible. Wander into a forest, anywhere on earth, and grab a handful of berries or leaves or mushrooms at random, and you bear pretty good odds of ending up in a hospital.

And Yosemite, is it possible for you to go somewhere else to eat your lunch? I have a nice park close to my office where I often nip out and sit on a bench or in my car to eat my 3 lb raw Porterhouse.(Kidding! I’m KIDDING!)

billy “pass the pork chops” rubin.


Is that a fact? Because many of the native tribes in Alaska and Canada went through their whole lives eating little more then raw meat. I also believe that man did in fact eat meat before he started cooking it. He probably wasn’t a great hunter like some make him out to be though. He probably used his tools to break open bones left over from someone elses kill to get to marrow and other brains. If it wasn’t to old you probably wouldn’t have a big problem with bacteria.


I agree that we eat to much meat here in the US. But to say that we aren’t meant to eat meat at all strikes me as being wrong. The fact is humans can digest meat, it provides nutrition and calories, and it passes through the system with no difficulty. The problem here is that people tend to eat to much meat and when you add less exercise that ends up spelling trouble. Most of the diseases linked to meat are chronic and don’t affect people until their 40’s or 50’s. By that time 20,000+ years ago people probably didn’t live much longer then that if even that long.


It could have something to do with the much harsher climate then you’d find elsewhere. I would think that a Yanomamo in the rainforest is going to spend less time finding food and will be in less danger of starving to death. And if he happens to get wet or fall in the water he’s probably not going to die in a matter of minutes.

You really haven’t demonstrated that it is unnatural to eat meat. Other primates such as the chimpanzee eat meat. They’ll even organize hunting parties from time to time.

That said I’d never be so rude as to tell someone they must eat meat. It isn’t as though I’ve known a ton of vegetarians but I’ve never made a big deal out of what they decided to eat. Just isn’t any of my business unless I’m inviting them over for dinner. In which case I’m more then happy to accomodate their dietary needs.

Oh dear. And now we have another veggie debate. Like we don’t have enough of them already…

(This is in no way the fault of the OP, needless to say!)

And you’ve got a piece of spinach stuck between your teeth veggie girl. heh heh heh…that’ll show those vegetarians who’s boss.


Will you all SHUT THE FUCK UP!!??!?!?

This fight is FUCKING POINTLESS, yet every time somebody says the word “vegetarian” on this board we get an unholy shitblizzard that rivals all of Wildest Bill’s threads.

Hell, I started a thread in IMHO asking why vegetarians and non-vegetarians so often get into it with each other. It quickly degenerated into a circle-jerk of screwy logic and infighting.

We’ve had this fight BILLIONS of times probably on this board alone, yet you chickenfuckers are always lurking on the outskirts of the board, ready to tear each other apart over another complete stranger’s personal choice that YOU HAVE NO CONTROL OVER!!

So to you fucks who immediately jump into I Know What Is Best For Everyone Else On This Planet Based On Some Statistics Mode, fuck your value judgments, fuck your often shady and unverifiable statistics, fuck your straw man arguments, and FUCK YOU SIDEWAYS!!!

Hmm, My sharp pointy teeth dont have problems with meat. It’s my fingernails that seemed to be the main problem, I can’t get a good grip on struggling prey. But you are right, I don’t want Unhealthy meat either, so I don’t eat people.

Just let it out, Dao. Let us know how you really feel. No, really, stop holding back!!



The next time someone tries the “If we shouldn’t eat animals, why are they made of meat?” line while you’re in the cafeteria you should reach for the ketchup, lick your lips, look at them longingly and say:

You’re made of meat, aren’t you?”


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