Don't kill me, please. A Tiger Wood Q.

Disclaimer: I don’t care what happens to him, good or not, but I like to hear a good yarn every now and then.

How did the tie-in come? One minute TW is in a car wreck. Next minute, he’s busted for being another Bill Clinton. I haven’t heard how the connection was made. That is, how did the affairs, true or no, get tied to the wreck?
(OK, so does this mean that if I wreck my 88 Civic, that Bill O’Reilly and Joyce Behar are going to be all over me about my youthful indiscretions?)


The National Enquirer came out with a story about him cheating a few days before the wreck. As the story of the accident came out, many people started putting two and two together and making the assumption that he was leaving the house trying to escape his wife who was trying to kick his ass.

The National Enquirer published a story about TW having an affair. A few days later he gets in a late night car wreck with a story that doesn’t match up with the evidence (for example, his wife claimed that she broke the back window of the vehicle with a golf club to “save him”, when in fact there was little damage done to the drivers side of the vehicle).

Result: media investigatory pile-on.

When I first heard that Woods was in a car wreck at 2:30am, and that alcohol wasn’t likely a factor, my first reaction was that he’d probably fallen asleep at the wheel while driving home.

When it was revealed that he was leaving his home at 2:30am, I thought :dubious:. The best plausible reasons that I could come up with for why a man would leave him home so late were: 1) He was leaving to go get something for the baby (e.g. Children’s Tylenol); or 2) He was in a fight with his wife.

When they said that his wife took a golf club and smashed out the back window “in order to save him” then #2 became much more likely. Seemed more like an act of rage, possibly to prevent him from leaving or possibly because she was aiming for his head (Fore!) and actually struck him, which would explain why he lost control of his car and struck the fire hydrant.

When it was revealed that he’d been linked to a woman in the Enquirer a few days ago, then the reason for the fight became pretty clear.

It came out because his accident didn’t jive with what happened.

Then people started asking, “If this was really such a minor thing, why make up things? Why not tell the truth?”

And then Tiger had his “I refuse to discuss it” attitude which doesn’t sit well with the public.

Oh I agree it’s really no one’s business but his own, but then again, celebrities are always the first to profit off their name. They don’t seem to mind when it gets them better seats in resturants, into the best night clubs or the ability to make a million off their name.

So if you’re gonna say “Fine by me,” when it’s positive, you gotta take the negative too.

I like that his wife was trying to attack him with a golf club. It makes me think the Wood’s home must be set up so that there are so many golf clubs just lying around that if your attacking someone in a blind rage, the first thing you’re likely to grab when reaching for a weapon is inevitably a club.

(and thanks for the explanation, I too was vaguely aware that he was in the news but not really paying enough attention to figure out what the hubub was about).

Or his wife has a deep appreciation for irony.


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