Doper exchanges you would prefer to not participate in

Whenever I see an exchange thread, e.g. coffee mug exchange, there is one exchange that always comes to mind and makes me giggle:

Doper underwear exchange.
Any other amusingly inappropriate exchanges come to mind when you see those thread title?

Doper Half-Used Medicine-Cabinet-Contents Exchange.

Unopened tupperware containers exchange.

Extreme side of either political Spectrum Poster exchange. :smiley:

Doper Spam swap! I’ll trade you 147 home-refinancing emails for your 246 offers for penis enlargement!

Doper potato salad and/or fruitcake exchange.

Doper bodily fluids exchange.*

*There may be a few notable exceptions on that one.

The Doper Used Band-Aid Exchange.

International Doper Preserved Fish Exchange.


The following is in poor taste

Doper used poro magazine exchange.

  • Doper used kitty litter exchange
  • Doper “unidentified organic clump the cat drug in” exchange
  • Doper “contents of my vacuum cleaner bag” exchange
  • Doper cat dingleberry exchange
  • Doper hairball exchange
  • Doper “something buried in my backyard” exchange
  • Doper “what’s left of the mouse” exchange

The following is in ever poorer taste. Yes, I used the word poorer. Now look in my spoiler box for something to really complain about.

Doper used condom exchange.

The Doper Homemade Porn Video Exchange.

Is, is that an elbow? No, that has to be a leg. No, wait a minute, that’s the sofa!!!

I can’t believe no one’s said this yet:
Doper exchange.

The Doper Used Toothbrush Exchange

Followed by the Doper Used Tissue Exchange.

I’d hate to be caught in the middle of a Doper small arms fire exchange.

Doper mother-in-law exchange (on second thought…)

The Doper Stock Exchange.

"Fifty shares of Lynn Bodoni, at $10 each… put a hold on the Eve, and sell the Sampiro! He’s got nothing left after writing up all those stories. CK Dexter Haven has announced a two-for-one split… "

Would that qualify as creating a sock? “John Q. Doper banned for creating a two-for-one split…”
NOTE: I just made up that name; apologies if it’s a real name.