Doper Shot Glass Exchange

Dopers! It has been almost three full years since a shot glass exchange. Led in November of 2004 by our own ButtonJockey (to whom I owe the idea of this exchange). Personally, I think 3 years is too long for such a wonderful Doper exchange.

So what do you say?

If you want to participate, send your Screen Name, Real Name and Address to

Also, put if you’re willing to send to Canada, Mexico, etc.

Deadline will be May 31 at 12:00 Midnight (CDT).

This has been cleared with the mods.

So let the Doper Shot Glass Exchange begin!

Do you have link to the other thread? What are the rules? Do I get a shot glass with something about my region on it and send it to someone?

I think I’m in.

Here is the other thread. Basically, if you can fix a shooter in it, it’s good to go.

It can be from where you are or whatever you would like to send to your fellow doper.

I’m in! I’d also be willing to exchange with multiple Dopers; for example, if you want to give me three people’s names, and give three people my name (doesn’t have to be the same three), I’m down.

I’m in, I just sent the e-mail.

Bottoms up.

I’m in. Email sent. I have quite a collection to choose from…what to send?

Alright, I’m in. I’m a little leary about sending an email to and adress like:
“SDMB shot glas sex change” though.

Maybe it’s just the Vicodin talking (back injury), but I’m so in!

I have a question:

I collect shotglasses, so I’d love to participate. Only problem being: I collect shotglasses, and I’d hate for someone to waste time and money sending me one from somewhere that I already have. Would it be acceptable for me to post or send a list or something of ones I have to avoid this?

You can send me a list of all of the different kinds you have, and I will forward it to whomever draws your name so he/she will have a guideline.

I am in. Let the passing out begin.

I’m in! You can never have too many shot glasses.

Excellent! I will catalog them tonight and send e-mail tomorrow. Yay shotglasses!

Email sent, I’m in!

E-mail sent!

Ok, here is the list of participants as of now:

Mr. Bus Guy
One Cent Stamp
Rock n’ Roach
Translucent Daydream

Plenty of time until the deadline, so let’s hope this list grows.

I’m in. I also collect them.

I’m in too, now to go see what I’ve got.

Count me in.

I’m in. I’m also willing to send an extra shotglass out. So put me down for two?

Email sent.