Dr. Cox is The Hawt!

Does anyone agree? Have you seen his freakin’ abs? His character has the best lines and I am jealous of his relationship with Jordan. It’s hilarious! When I actually sit there and look at him, I think…what a strange looking guy; however, I can’t help it…I am totally hot for him. Whaddaya think?

I also think Dr. Cox is a hottie.

Of course, I also think Dr. House is a hottie, because I watched too much Blackadder growing up.

ETA: I generally have a thing for “strange looking guys” anyway.

Well, to each his own, but I have to ask - what’s with his hair?

I dunno - I can’t get over how leathery his skin looks. As Elliot would say: “did they not have sunscreen where you grew up?”

I’m not that into his face, but I would commit multiple murder to have that body.

Ooooooooo yeah. I am so into Dr Cox. I spotted his abs in an early episode - I pretty much only watch Scrubs in the hope he will take his top off again. I liked him better without hair though.

The man is a god.

Dr. Cox is hot - the actor not.

*Office Space * cancels out the hotness.

All you need to do to cure that is to watch Wild Hogs -

I’d really like to do Jordan. I’ve had a thing for her since she was on The Drew Carey Show.

Just did the head slap thing on myself -* That’s* where I’ve seen her.

Does it make me a bad person that I want to be Dr. Cox?

Quoted for truth. That man makes me hot!

On the other hand, supposedly Cox’s personality was written especially for John C. McGinley, which suggests the actor is about as awe-inspiring as the character.

I met the actor at a New Year’s party - a small one thrown by a friend where his sister (sister-in-law?) was the main connection. He was manic and over the top - and very funny. It was HIS movie and we were welcome to be in it - but the rapid-fire, Robin Williams-like free association and snarkiness had its funny moments…but the hostess was a bit frustrated since it was a small gathering and meant to be about everyone, not just him…

Can we share? Like, on a every-alternate-day basis or something? puppy eyes

Same here! Good one!

She’s married to the creator of Scrubs and was able to make the change from Drew Carey when that show was winding down…

He’s apparently great friends with Jon Cryer (I think that’s who it is) and he calls Jon girls’ names all the time…

I think his rants get a little old…Ivylad says if he were his attending, he’d probably punch him in the nose and go hang out with Carla.

The Janitor is a fine looking man too.

Yes, yes he is. I’ve gotten to the point where I don’t mind watching Scrubs even if I’ve already seen it.