"Dream" Casting for Discworld

So, you have unlimited resources, and everyone is available and wants to be in the upcoming Discworld Movies. Their are actually two movies. One set in “Nightwatch” Ankh Morpork, and one set in the Granny Weatherwax Ramtops.

You are the Casting Director… who do you pick?

Here are a few.
Nobby Nobbs - Tony Robinson - (Baldrick in Black Adder)
Granny Weatherwax - Meryl Streep
Cutmeownthroat Dibbler - Danny Devito
Feel free to put your own suggestions out there, and duplications are encouraged…

Apparently, Terry Pratchet has always imagined Watch Commander Samuel Vimes as a version of Pete Postlethwaite.

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Mustrum Ridcully - BRIAN BLESSED!!!


Someone start the zombie machine!

Do I get a time machine, too? Paul Gross (aka Constable Benton Fraser) is a bit old to be Carrot now, but if I got him when he was filming Due South…

Mark Addy for Fred Colon
Dawn French for Nanny Ogg

What? Postlethwaite is dead? When did that happen?

(And the OP did say it was “dream” casting… he didn’t specify they had to be actually alive and at their present ages, did he?)

Sir Christopher Lee - DEATH
Stephen Fry - Ridcully
Jessica Hynes - Magrat

The Patrician is a tricky one though, Ben Kingsley? or perhaps a little less obvious, Stanley Tucci?

Alan Rickman? It would require a subtle performance, and he’s more than proven he can do that.

I kid, I kid. He did die, though. On January 2. :frowning:

Marty Feldman would have made a great Nobby Nobbs.

In Where’s My Cow? the illustrations of Sam Vimes resemble Peter Postlethwaite.

A younger Christopher Lee would make a good Patrician. Photo near bottom of the linked page

I freaking loved Jeremy Irons as the Patrician in The Color of Magic.

I kind of like the thought of Tim Curry making a cameo as Lord Rust, too. And BRIAN BLESSED! is the only choice for Ridcully.

I like a lot of the people who’ve already been cast in the SkyOne productions; they’ve done some utterly amazing casting already IMO. Nicholas Tennant was perfect as Nobby in Hogfather.

I’ve always pictured Vimes as being played by Hugh Laurie.

I’ve always thought of Carrot as a red-headed Brendan Fraser.

Wow, nice responses anyone… and sure, let not death hold back talent, cast from any actor in the last … say 40 yrs, just to keep some level of familairity for the youngun’s.

Love Brendan Fraiser as Carrot… perfect…
The Patrician is a challenge indeed…

CGI for non human characters… btw, any suggestion for Detrius?
I like Marty Feldman for Nobby,
for The Bursar…Rowan Atkinson…?

I think Laurie would make an excellent Vetinari.

Timothy Dalton as Vetinari. I’ve always pictured Vimes as more a Jerry Doyle type.

Vimes, to me, has always been sort of a British Harvey Keitel. *Is *there a British Harvey Keitel?