"Drop your shorts...."

“…then turn your head and cough.” :eek:
Things you really didn’t want to hear…


This won’t hurt a bit…

What do you mean, “condom”?

I didn’t think I was contagious.

I stopped taking the pill :eek:

You can clean out your desk now…or come back after five to do it.

and bend over.

You saved recently, didn’t you?

Now formatting 4.0 gb…

Are you happy here at SlackerCorp?

“Are you in yet?” :rolleyes:

“If I water it, will it grow?”

“We can still be friends.”

“The thing is, you are too good for me.”


“Just… try to relax”

“You may experience some discomfort.”

License and registration please.

“It’s not you… it’s me” (It’s you.)

“I just need some time and space” (to screw the brains out of your friend)

“We can still be friends” (so I have someone to talk about my sexual escapades)

“I really can’t have a relationship right not” (Not with you, at least)

“I’m pregnant.”

We have to talk…

I have a job for you…


I have to go home to my wife… she’s expecting me.(I didn’t know you were married.)

“You’ll be paid what you’re worth”

I don’t know how to tell you this…
I don’t really think of you that way…
Do you have plans on XX…(my bosses way of telling me I’m not going to have a weekend)