Dude, It's Just A Pair of PANTS!

I can’t imagine a judge dismissing this without requiring him to visit a shrink for an evaluation. He sounds like he’s off the beam.

$54 million for a pair of pants?

The man may be a crybaby but he’s certainly got gumption.

Yeah, he’s got a set of brass balls.

Unfortunately, he left them in that pair of pants at the dry cleaners’ and didn’t know where to find more of them. And they were rusted after going through the wash.

They wouldn’t rust at a DRY cleaners would they?

Indeed. It’s a wonder how this nutball Pearson ever got on the bench.

Since I’m in the DC area, I’ve been getting a full dose of this on the local news every day this week. We’ve been treated thus far to:

  1. The Korean couple saying they’re so sick of the harassment that in spite of being in this country for seven years now, they’re ready to give up and move back to Korea.

  2. A little old lady in a wheelchair who’s testifying for the judge, telling the reporters about going into their shop to try to resolve a problem and, according to her, getting “chased out” by the owner.

I can’t wait to see what today’s coverage will be. Oh, wait, it’ll probably be his tears. :frowning:

And he’s at the level of judge who barely qualifies as a judge – he’s an administrative judge for the city, which as far as I can tell means he’s hearing the most insanely trivial of cases. Which again doesn’t surprise me. Who wants to bet that his ass will be suddenly be terminated in the very near future?

Or maybe he’s on the Beam. . . Jim Beam, that is.

That’s okay- I don’t think they’re real.

Fucking tool.

Maybe he’s thinking about all the bad karma he’s collecting from this stupid-assed lawsuit. Or the collective desire of millions of people to kick him very hard square in the nuts.

What a pussy. If I saw him on the street I’d shout abuse at him.

And risk getting sued?

As long as Mr. Hollow isn’t wearing a shirt that says “I guarantee not to heap scorn upon you,” he’s golden.

Golden? We’re talking about breathing the same air as Judge Crazy Pants. I don’t think anyone’s immune from the stupid.

You know, maybe the judge is telling the truth. Maybe the cleaners really do have crappy customer service. Maybe he really did try to work things out amicably and was told to go fuck himself. If that happened to me, I’d be pissed off, too, maybe even to the point of filing a lawsuit.

But bad customer service just doesn’t justify the greedy scale of this lawsuit. Assuming the pants really were bought for $1000 or so, shouldn’t he be suing for the price of the pants, plus maybe legal fees and, if he really wanted to get greedy, add in some pain and suffering? What would that amount to? $10,000? $50,000? Sure as hell not $50 million.

Oh, well, at least where this one issue is concerned I’m glad I don’t live in the DC area. :smiley:

The defendents offered to settle three times previously, at increasing amounts. The third offer was for $12,000. Moreover, it looks as though they found the right pair of pants the day after the judge first tried to claim “missing” pants. They have the right claim number on them and everything, it’s just that the judge is insisting that those are different pants. He’s an out-and-out unreasonable jerk.

Where would an Asian be able to secure a pair of identical knockoff pants, anyway :wink:

“I knew pants sir, and these sir are not my pants.”

It weren’t the pants what secured their downfall, I’ll wager, but their failure to perfectly recreate Hizzoner’s uniquely-patterned skidmark.

No dumb cluck easily fooled, he knows a forgery when he sees one!

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m betting there are many people who have lost their *legs *to true negligence who have not been awarded 54 million dollars! I vote for the kicking in the nuts - is that in Rule 11 somewhere? It should be.

Yeah, there should be some sort of option where if the general public decides the plaintiff is a Grade A asshole jerk-off, they can just throw the case out. We could call it, to memorialize the claimant, the “Roy L. Asshole defense”.

He lost `em at the dry cleaner.