Dude, It's Just A Pair of PANTS!

That would be the kind of legal system we have in our great nations capitol. I suggest you move here as soon as possible. If you haven’t bought any trousers lately make sure you do as I’m sure you’ll be needing a receipt . Buy them at Mens Warehouse or the like . The more expensive the better. Remember , Save Your Receipt . You’ll be needing it for your day in court and stock up on kleenex. Oh , also , throw away all your Xanax and like drugs . You won’t be needing any of that crap. Bring just enough money to live for a year or so . You know our legal system is a little slow , but after that money will be of no concern to you any more.

But in all seriousness, if the dry cleaners actually tried to pass off anther pair of pants as his, before the lawsuit, then they aren’t exactly blameless.

But liable to the tune of $54 million? They also made serious, reasonable settlement offers, even if the pants they found were mistakenly identified as his. (Sidebar: is it mentioned anywhere whether those pants would hve fit Mr. MoneyPants?)

What does he need pants for anyway? Everyone knows crazy judges don’t wear anything under their robes.

No way am I saying the guy should get anything more than the price of the suit and a couple hundred dollars at best, but I could see how something like giving him a fake pair on purpose in an attempt to fool him could set off an obvious mental case like this guy. And he’s not the first to say a dry cleaners wasn’t that helpful in a situation like this. But no, he should be sued for wasting taxpayer money, and whoever allowed this trial to go on should be fired. I would love to see the video of him crying over his lost pants in court- hilarious!

I resent the media acting as if he’s greedy and totally ignoring his own words about the verdict:

So really, only $2.5 million is for himself.

He swears that the charcoal gray pants he was given back were not his.

Instead his own suit was navy blue and maroon. He wants it known he doesn’t wear cuffed pants because they’re out of style- but he has a blue and maroon suit. This guy has a semi-automatic and a Wendys in his future.

I wonder if he’s considered suing the producers of Fresh Prince of BelAir for basing Sherman Hemsley’s barking mad judge character on a projection of what he would be like in 10 years. They have a lot more money than dry cleaners I’d think (and Sherman Hemsley played a dry cleaner- AND went broke- hmmm… there’s a Sherman Hemsley Code at work here somewhere.)

I wonder if it’s possible to sentence a plaintiff in a civil case to counselling. (Apparently the guy flipped after a divorce left him next to broke and on unemployment benefits according to this article.)

The defendants could have said, “Ha ha, stupid judge, we fed your pants to a mongrel dog because we hate America, plus we fucked your mother!” and the judge wouldn’t be entitled to anything more than the cost of the pants. Whether the defendants made a good-faith effort to settle only indicates whether he’s entitled to the cost of the pants or not; if they did, he ought not be entitled to anything except a rapid disbarment and a bill for the defendants’ court costs.


Sorry, Wee Bairn, I forgot to indicate that I knew *you knew * how ridiculous this is. At most, this should be forced to go before some sort of arbitration panel, if that’s possible.

  • Where are covert camera phone videos on YouTube when ya need 'em.

Too funny!

5-4, I’m with you :slight_smile:

Of course, many people could be “induced” to testify, if they thought they might get a cut of the settlement.

Every single day, my friend. I think the same thing every. single. day.

Angst Bout My Pants; The Ballad of Judge Roy
(all props toGunnar Madsen;Children’s music artiste)

I got angst about my pants
Nobody seems to understand my fears
It is so hard to sit still
and wait until
The court sees you bust into tears
I got to got to got to go
yeah everybody don’t you know
I got the angst…bout my pants

The cleaner tells me to be quiet
He says “Don’t see those pants here”
He pretends he never had angst
Bout his pants
He acts like he don’t even care
I’d like to give him all my angst
And then I’d watch him do a dance
(all the way to france!)
I’d like to put my angst…in his pants

I wish I wish I could be calm
To be serene would be sublime
I would sit and read the best law books
Wouldn’t get no shocked and dirty looks
I’d be contented all the time
But no matter how I try
I just can’t be that kind of guy
Fish gotta swim
And birds gotta fly
And if I don’t get to sue, well, I’m gonna up and die

I got the itches in my britches
And yet I’m told to settle for twelve thou
I’m gonna bust all the stitches
In my britches
If I don’t get millions this go round
Yeah there’s an itch I’ve gotta scratch
I can’t sit here after injustice, bad business
Ya really gotta watch
I’ve got itches
In my britches
I’ve got angst
Bout my pants

Repeat wailing ad nauseum

The poor man will never get his pants back now. He lost the case.

Plus the Chungs were awarded court costs. Justice is served!

He lost more than that…


Edit… Too Slow. :slight_smile:

What’s that thing that Nelson Muntz always says?

“…and furthermore, it is the judgement of this court that you shall be made to sit in an empty oil drum which the defendants shall beat upon with baseball bats for a period not in excess of fifteen minutes. That is all. rap Next case!”

I wonder if those pants happened to be blue Jeans. :wink:

Now he probably needs to have his underwear professionally cleaned.

Unfortunately the court costs added up to a little over $1000. The Chungs have to go after him for their legal fees ($10,000+) seperately.