E-Cards: Do You Send Them?

I remember reading here that when you send someone an e-card, they are at risk for ad/spyware or spam when they open it up.

Is that still the case?

A year ago, I subscribed to Jacquie Lawson’s cards (she has some beautiful ones), but I need to cancel this year, because we’re cutting back on everything, so I thought that would be a good reason as well to not send them.

Are there any free e-cards which don’t carry that risk?



I sent a couple to other geeks when the rippling water and stuff was added and it was novel. I don’t send them now because almost everybody can, so I’d rather send a physical card that can serve as a tally of received cards for people to see somebody at least sent something to the birthday person.

I send someecards to my friends as jokes occasionally.

I like the Amazon cards. They’re free and safe. Also, www.someecards.com is fun, if your friends are fun.

I just had to remove some crapware from my mom’s computer, courtesy of her looking for and finding a new e-card site to use.

I occasionally use Hallmark free ecards. No problems yet.

I don’t send them. Frequently I see “You received an e-card” type messages in my Junk mail and just assume that they are junk mail. Do real e-cards show up as being from your address rather than some anonymous e-card provider?

They show up in my inbox as "so-and-so has sent you an e-card from (Hallmark; Jaquie Lawson-or how the hell ever she spells it; etc.)

I have a close friend that uses the J. Lawson ones all the time, for all her friends (so it seems), and I always enjoy them. I use the Hallmark ones, though, and have never had a problem. I suspect it opens me up to more spam, but it doesn’t take that long to delete or filter it.

Given the price of paper greeting cards these days, factoring in the postage and and “air-time” for them to arrive, I prefer e-cards for giving and receiving. Which is to say, I’d rather get 10 e-cards from friends/family members on my birthday (November 10th, guys, make a note! :stuck_out_tongue: ) than to get 10 paper cards trickling in the mail for November 5th through 20th.

JMHO, of course.

I won’t send them, nor will I open them.

I ask the sender to send me a plain text email if I know who they are.

I won’t send them, and I prefer not to get them. I’m sure that at least some of the companies harvest email addresses from them, both sender and receiver.

sometimes, just for fun. Never for any reason that I would be heartbroken if the recipient never looked at it and never in a situation where it would turn out awkward if they never got it. So I wouldn’t send a mother’s day e-card and let that be my only mother’s day gesture or anything.

I send them from care2.com or from the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund website.

The care2 one gives money to saving the rainforest (how much, I’m not really sure, but it’s not like sending or receiving an e-card is a drain on any of my resources, so if it’s hardly anything it’s not like I’ve been scammed out of anything.) and neither one spams or anything.

I used to send them frequently. Fast, fun, animated, free (or almost free once I was really hooked - I signed up for a paid membership at one e-card site back in the steam powered internet days). What’s not to love?

Fscking spammers that’s what. Once the spammers started sending out their slime under the guise of e-cards, the industry was doomed. Now I would not even consider opening an email that claimed to be an e-card. Sadly, e-cards are in the same category as obvious 419 scams, porn offers, unsolicited “meds” offers, “herbal remedies”, etc. I don’t open them, I just move them unread to my spam folder.

I don’t send e-cards anymore. Another thing I loved gone - killed by spammers.

Fscking spammers. Even the old Pit rules would not allow me to describe what I’d like to do them them.