Easy way to block Google Doodles?

Google seems to have taken a cue from Frannie Forwarder—from the occasional neat, commemorative Google Doodles to a steady stream of glurgey bullshit that I have no use for (they’re all over my lawn). When there’s an interesting interactive Doodle, there are plenty of places that fawn over them and I’ll seek one out on an alternate browser (e.g. I.E.). But for now, given Google’s proclivity to go all MySpace/Tripod with their pages, I’d like to find a way to get rid of it. Can Adblock help with this? Is there a way for NoScript to kill it without losing other functionality? White Out?

Yes, adblock will work. Using adblock, right click on the logo and you will see the rule it will use. Use as is, or modify to your needs. You’ll see what I mean.
You can also delete the rule after the Olympics if you wish.

Another approach is to use http://www.google.ca/firefox as your homepage/bookmark. They never put the doodles up there AFAIK.

In Opera, adding “http://www.google.com/logos/*” to the blocked content list will get rid of regular banner pics. A little more effort is need to kill the interactive doodles.

There’s several people who construct their own versions of a Google home page, adding what they want and killing what they don’t. But you need to know some HTML, etc. to do that.

You can search around of sites that help with that, but they usually want to put ads in, etc.

Google itself has Google themes, Google gadgets, and [del]iGoogle[/del].

I just search directly from my browser’s URL bar, and never see the Google doodle. Or the Google homepage at all.